New video from Berkeley Striper Club annual plug builder extravaganza, plus River’s End Surf day

We interrupt the Hunt for Big Stripers musing to bring you a new video from the Berkeley Striper Club  annual plug builder extravaganza. Btw, has anyone broken his toes before? Man, this sucks. I got into an a fight  with a couch on Saturday and couch leg won. I should really watch where i am going. Time for new eyeglass prescription?

Anyway, the plug madness is back in vogue. Kind of nice if you ask me. I am not sure if its related to economy rebounding or what, but it sure  not related to improvement in the fishing stocks. I could not believe how many people were lined up at Asbury on Sunday waiting for the show to open. Record crowds there, Surf Day and I am sure Berkeley. I managed to snag our occasional contributor (and the guy I wish it would write more) Russ Paoline who makes Big Rock Lures fora  quick chat

And while we are discussing custom wood, lets announce the winner of Gary Soldati’s Big Water lures Swimmer. The winner by random number generator is ….Kris Magnotti


Haha, that is pretty hilarious. For those of ou that are not aware, Kris is a super duper tattoo artist working out of DaVinci Tattoo’s in Wantagh and is the person responsible for SJ Mermaid, grim Reaper and Moon girl shirt designs. Kris, you got five days to hit me with your hipping address at otherwise the GRS is going back into giveaway pile

Big Rock


 STRIPER SURF DAY AT RIVERS END TACKLE , OLD SAYBROOK, CT – March 21                                  

                                March 21st, 2015  10-4

Under the snow there really will be a spring run.  Get ready and celebrate it at Striper Surf Day. It’s a great day to hang out, take in a seminar and tell some lies with fellow surf rats. We’ll have great speakers and an emphasis on how to demonstrations, factory reps, sales, raffle prizes, great food and good friends.



Toby Lapinski – conducting a seminar on “How to fish Block Island” Toby, Steve McKenna and Dennis Z. will also be fielding questions during an open Q&A format seminar.

Steve McKenna – will be demonstrating how to rig sluggos and load Redfins and Northbar Bottle Darters.

Dennis Zambrotta – will demo how to rig teasers using Redgills and Senkos and how he rigs his redfins 4 different ways depending on surf conditions. He’ll also be signing copies of his book “Surfcasting Around the Block”

Dave Anderson – will demo his online magazine “Surfcasters Journal” Be sure to sign up or renew your subscription

Adam Romagna – is displaying antique striper plugs and can help ID and appraise your old lures.

Shimano – Roy Levya will demonstrate their new line of long distance surf rods and reels, including the new 9’6” model.

We’ll also have various reps from

Van Staal,  Mak Surfcasting, Tsunami, Stormr,

Albie Snax lures, Gibbs lures, Guppy Lures,

Northbar Tackle and more.

It’s free, just show up.

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  1. HeinekenPete

    …man, sorry to hear about the broke toes! I’ve made it a practice to walk around pigeon-toed when I’m bare foot. Kind of makes me look like a pimpin’ rooster in the barnyard, but it’s saved my toes! get well soon…

  2. Jerry

    Glad you didn’t punch it.. if you break that golden finger then our favorite blog and magazine would be down for weeks.


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