New video and all SJ gear back in stock

Few announcements and new video

First, the SJ store is back to being fully restocked. All sizes of SJ Mermaid shirts including 3XL, New long Sleeve Night Crew T’s, All short sleeve Night Crew are back in stock and yes, Nigh Crew Zipped hoodies are back after a long delay. We have only few 100 % SJ wool hats left, there seems to be a run on those suckers this week. I guess a cold spell ? We’ll give you guys a first shot on all gear.








In bad news department, Canon has returned my XA10 camera as unrepairable. Too much corrosion damage to main board to be fixed is what they say. Real bummer as not only is the most expensive camera I ever bought but it was a gift from Da Wife. I guess we should expect that being around the water and all. Still a bummer


and last but not least, a new video from SJ reader Steve Gallant

He is currently working on a short surfcasting film project that encompasses all the best footage he has gathered this year as well as hopefully some quick interviews with the guys he fishes with and folks from the local tackle shop in between fishing action. He just finished a quick teaser trailer and is shooting to have the finished product (about 15-20 minutes long) done sometime around the holidays.[vimeo][/vimeo]

11 comments on “New video and all SJ gear back in stock

  1. andy_k

    Zeno, tis a massive shame about the loss of your camera, but if it had to go and die, could it of had a more noble death??

    The video looked great, but I had to turn the sound down to watch it right through. Please tell me that Steve G will either be having no music or something with more life in it – or was the teaser done with specifically bad music to wind up idiots like me? What’s next? Reo Speedwagon and Journey music to accompany the SJ videos??


    1. zhromin Post author

      Hey..i LIKE Journey..Enrique too, Eminem and Mel Torme too
      but my favorite is Dean Martin..i think

  2. zhromin Post author

    Camera has died in a noble way..under the Montauk Lighthouse where it drank more seawater than a seal

  3. Jerry

    Guys, esp. you Zeno. Thank you for everything you do and have done. The loss of the camera illustrates the personal expense and frustrations that you quietly endure while delivering such a great mag and blog. I personally love to read both and I love the videos. Thank you. Steve, your video trailer is great, I can’t wait to see the final version. And the music is fine.

  4. Wolf107

    Hope we can make this happen.
    How about each member that can chip in say $5/$10 bucks to help Zeno out with a new camera,I see hundreds of guys say I’m in for all the giveaways so let’s step up and help a brother out.
    I will start it off with $25


  5. zhromin Post author

    Noooooo..absolutely not. We appreciate the gestures and well meaning thoughts but we already decided to buy another camera. You guys support us with subscriptions and shirts and we appreciate it.
    Thank you and no worries..videos will keep on rolling as soon as I finish this job that has me working seven days a week till December
    It’s all good..and again THANK YOU ALL


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