New "Topwater Gorillas" Video

it is our pleasure to present to you for a first time a new video by our friend Tom Lynch, called “Topwater Gorillas”


You’ve seen Tom’s work before here on SJ Blog…he makes some spectacular surf fishing videos

He also has 23 other videos on his surf fishing channel on YouTube

Here is the link

Enjoy it…I certainly did

…Don’t forget to say hi this weekend at Surf Day

We will be there

The Jersey Shore Surfcasters. Where the pursuit of the mighty striper never ends.
Coming Saturday, February 19th.

“A day dedicated to the surfcaster.”

At Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ.
9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Surf Day is sponsored by the Jersey Shore Surfcasters, it is a day strictly for those with surfcasting interests. If you want to get a full dose of surfcasting to help you through the winter doldrums, here it is! Surf Day offers high quality seminars and workshops throughout the day, see our “Who Is Coming” page for profiles of the speakers. We also have plugbuilders, factory representatives, tackle shops and much more available. There is a caferteria available as well. Every child under 10 is free. All kids get something from the JSS.

1. Zee Baas Reel and Custom Grumpy’s Rod. 2. Aquaskinz Plugbag Filled with Custom Plugs from SD Builders. 3. Basket Full of Tsunami Plugs. 4. Mahogany Plug Box with Plugs, Donated by Larry Schmidt 5. Striped Bass Statue from Fisherman’s Supply
Plus Donations from…Super Strike, Korkers, Outdoors Etc. and more.

Interested in being a vendor? Call Josh at 732-809-3035
Other info

New Jersey’s #1 Surfcasting Event!


17 comments on “New "Topwater Gorillas" Video

  1. Sea Flat

    Is there any a more fun way to catch bluefish than on a Robert’s Ranger? Not to me. Plus, you feel like a hero when you cast that thing a mile. Great video!

  2. Rich B.

    What are Larry and Mark “in” for? People need to learn a little reading comprehension. It’s become Pavlovian: see the word “prize”, then type “I’m in.”

    Cool video. I know it’s tempting, but grabbing a plug (even a Ranger) to use as a handle to land a fish is an accident waiting to happen. I do it sometime myself, but I know I shouldn’t.

  3. mark m

    The Jersey show is great and the price cannot be beat. Good luck down there and drive safe. Thank you for a very good video Tom. Your youtube stuff is action packed….almost spring!


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