New Tip of the Week video # 15

I want to get back to a regular schedule of talking about fishing and all things fishing related now that the show season has ended. We have one more Flea Market in Patchogue this upcoming Sunday and then its back to fishing full time for  SJ crew. We’ll maybe not for me as I am awaiting for a surgeon to call me on Monday to discuss my shoulder MRI results. It is what it is, we’ll see what happens. I have few very special trips planned for this year so I hope that I don’t have to cancel them.

I know many of you are already wetting lines and some even catching few striped ones in the process. Yes, I know there are few who catch the holdovers all winter too. There are also few guys who actually fish with DMag plugs too but there is no point in bringing more attention to that either, right?  The most asked question at fishing shows is “Are you antsy to get back to fishing? “ to which my answer is …hell no.

I watched my kids seemingly grow up from wearing diapers to college graduates over night, I no longer wish my life away. Hell, I do not want Sunday afternoon to come any faster than it already will as I type this on Sunday morning. The spring will come, the fish will come, I am not wishing for one minute of my day to go by any faster  than it already will. For some of you younger guys, you’ll get this at some point later in your lives.

Here is the video I shot last year in early fall but kind of forgot about it. I was introduced to another product in the fall, Otter Tails after using Jig Strips and I can say that they are both excellent replacement for pork rind. I will also admit that there is something special about that supple pork rind that has been beaten up and chew up and spit by stripers. But products do come and go and these new bucktail trailers to me are more than a sufficient replacement for a pork rind

Otter tails website

Fat Cow Fishing  website

2 comments on “New Tip of the Week video # 15

  1. Joe GaNun

    I’m a good bit older than you. So here is the bad news. The older you get the faster it comes at you. Work, retirement, kids and grand kids growing up. The only things slowing down are us !
    The good news is that the season will be here no matter what the water temps are. Even though I check them like a nut job. Hope you shoulder is healthy.


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