New striped bass video from SJ columnist John Skinner

Fishing for striped bass from shore with bucktail lures and Otter Tail Bait Strips. Casting for stripers in a shallow creek.

One comment on “New striped bass video from SJ columnist John Skinner

  1. Andy Kendrick

    My friend and I went half on a box of something like 15 or 18 of these when we found them online a year or so back. Not being able to appreciate their size / bulk, we now have enough to last us into at least the next decade!
    We bought them in Chartreuse, white and pink. And I can vouch for just how tough they are. We dont get blues or stipers in the UK and a 20lb european bass would b a once in a life time fish for the vat majority of anglers here who are lucky to see a double figure one, once in a decade.
    I have cut them up in to all sorts of size for various types fishing and they are truly brilliant. So for those who read about the big fish but have to fish for the smaller fish, dont be put off by their size, because if you have a sharp knife or pair of scissors, then you’re laughing! In fact I cant understand why more people haven’t used them yet.

    A great video from John, as always and showing what or me would be the perfect evening’s fishing session.

    Many thanks and all the best from the grey UK


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