New nor’easter video

Sometimes I shoot stuff and forget about it. That certainly was the case with a nor’easter from this October. Only, it really was not a nor’easter. It was sunny most of the time, the barometer never fell. The winds were hard and gusting from NE at sometimes insane speeds, but I definitely would not call that a nor’easter. Neither do I think we will remember it as.

But it did “wake up” south  side of Montauk pretty good for those few days. I promised myself that if I felt up to it, I would spend more time fishing and less time with camera. We’ll I didn’t feel better, but I fished anyway. I already lost one season to tendinitis, I wasn’t really interested in losing another. Of course, the flip side is there really is no footage to work on over the winter. You really can  only  do one or another, and I decided to fish. I do have some stuff that I have to put together but it’s going to be a long winter.

I drove this particular October morning to Montauk after listening for two days of stories just how good the fishing was. I really only took few shots with camera each day but I tried to kind of put them together for you.

Please, no whining that you can’t watch this video on your mobile or tablet. The YouTube copyright policy disabled this video from appearing on your mobile or tablet. Until YouTube and its partner figure out how to monetize their contest on mobile you will have to watch the videos with copyrighted music on desktop.  Nothing wrong with that

So just watch it on the desktop


26 comments on “New nor’easter video

  1. Don R

    That’s it?!?!
    Just kidding Zeno, nice footage as always. Thanks for sharing.
    Interesting release on some of those fish.

  2. zhromin Post author

    Yeah Don and I don’t and it only took 3 hours to put together….haha
    I think it’s time to give up making videos…maybe take up knitting?

  3. Brian K

    NICE JOB, cool video!!
    At least you guys up there got a few days of good fishing with those conditions. A lot of places down south only rough waters & NO FISH this year!!

  4. Frogman

    Z, nice work as usual. I always enjoy the photos and clips, please keep them coming – sometimes it’s a tough wait between regular SJ issues…

  5. rob M

    Really show how rough it is, definitely not for the faint at heart. Great video. Pains me to see some of the bass released that way- but it is what it is.

  6. JohnC

    Nice footage, Z.
    Hope you got into some fish for your efforts and I hope those knuckleheads who were heaving fish back into the wash from way back got theirs!!


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