New Lightweight top from Guy Cotten

The crew from the Fisherman’s Headquarters in Ship Bottom NJ –  have been working with Guy Cotton for a while now as advisers on new lightweight Guy Cotten Splash Top. They told me that the top has finally arrived in stock and we thought we’d share some info since many of you are big fans of Guy Cotten products.

you can get all info, purchase price and availability by clicking right here Top black

The Guy Cotten Splash Top Pullover is the ultimate, no-nonsense, light weight, affordable  surf top!!! It’s specially designed for anglers that want minimal bulk and max maneuverability. It is great for any surfcaster, especially those that fish in wetsuit and need a quality wind breaker. It is also a phenomenal top for sailing and boating.neck-detail

Guy Cotten introduced the Surf Top (2007 Guy Cotten released the Surf Top 800 Series and then in 2010 the Surf Top 1200 Series) and it grew a cult following of hardcore surf anglers who demandperformance top quality gear. Over time Guy Cotten has listened to their customers and collected feedback/requests. Patrick at Guy Cotten complied everything and worked closely with our own store manager and angler FishHead.Greg to perfect this Guy Cotten Splash Top also called the Montauk Splash Top. It is a new lightweight and affordable pullover designed for a variety of uses. Greg fished it hard all last fall on the boat, on the beach and on the jetties. He was spotted in Sept/October in Montauk consistently getting into fish with his white prototype Splash Top. Everyone was asking about it. Well after extensive testing and a few minor changes, it is finally here!

The Guy Cotten Splash Top is a waterproof, lightweight, durable, highly breathable and comfortable pullover offering maximum freedom and protection. All of these key features were requested and Guy Cotten delivered!!! Most of all the favorite features from its predecessor stayed; however, anything on the original Surf Top that caught water and restricted movement was eliminated.

Guy Cotten Splash Top DetailsHere is a breakdown detailing every aspect of the Guy Cotten Splash Top:

▪ FABRIC – The pullover is made from a similar fabric as the Guy Cotten Surf Top yet lighter and more supply. This new material Sport Pro is top of the line and offers extremely high performance yet still at a reasonable price. 100% water proof and highly breathable!  Guy Cotten stitches and reinforces every seam then fully heat tapes the connection to totally waterproof the top and have the utmost strength and longevity. The jacket is lined with open porthole mesh to provide wicking action keeping moisture off of the skin allow for comfortable.lining

▪ NECK – New hood-less neck design has diagonal (chest/shoulder to lower neck) nylon zipper which is gusseted for easy on and off. It also is great to open for maximum draft during strenuous activity to vent heavy perspiration and control body temperature. The neck’s polyurethane collar material is soft and comfortable on the skin. It is easily adjusted with a velcro flap to snug and seal out water.

▪ WRISTS – Eliminated the bulky double cuff which caught water and hindered swimming and paddling ability. The newly designed cuffs are unique tapered cut neoprene wrist that have an adjustable velcro strap to tighten and seal water out. It is easily loosened to offer max comfort. The Guy Cotten Splash top has much less bulk in the wrists making it a great choice to wear overtop of a wetsuit and it is also great to wear when kayaking.sleeve

▪ OTHER POINTS – The Waist has a secure sealing gusseted neoprene waist band with two velcro adjustments straps. The neo/velco waist closure seals the Splash top on waders or a wetsuit. The Kangaroo pouch on the front offers easy to access and convenient storage. It has a fold style flap closure (“Guy Cotten” embroidery) with velco to keep out water. The Upper Back has a loop hook with (“Guy Cotten” embroidery) to easily hang dry. The Arms and Arm Pit have a unique fabric cut to best contour the curves and allow for arm freedom and ultimate comfort while less bulk.neck

This Guy Cotten MON Montauk Splash Top is available in black or high vis-red. Please call to special order red.montauk-red

3 comments on “New Lightweight top from Guy Cotten

  1. Gil Sahagun

    Kind of reminds of the Lami drytop…that used to leak at the cuffs of the sleeves! lol I’m sure its much better.

  2. Mark S.

    Awesome! I love my older guy cotton surf top but i end up getting soaked with sweat during the summer. I can’t wait to get one of these
    I do hope the front pouch is a little more water proof then the other one. It isn’t even close to water proof


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