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I just got back from visiting Syracuse University with my family. My son’s first choice has always been Newhouse School of Communication up there although I have to admit that it’s kind of boring to visit any school when classes are not in session.
While I was gone, Tommy was and still is working on a new issue which will be ready after the weekend. Looks like another solid effort on the part of all involved and I cant wait to read it myself.
I decided to feature a video segment on who is the best Montauk surfcaster of all time. No, there is no way there can be a definitive answer to that question, I am aware of that. I just thought that it would be interesting to hear from those interviewed who they thought was a surfcaster they knew that was “made for Montauk”. Or like Fred Schwab said, No one, no one loved Montauk more than …”.
Look for a Montauk Time and Tide segment in this issue.
Here is the video preview

In addition there are articles from Dennis Zambrotta, DJ Muller, Angelo Peluso who has a new book out this month, DJ Muller, late Frank Pintauro on needlefish history, all your favorite columnists, bunch of things we tried and reviews, your favorite columnists, original video on duplicating lures with Ron DiCostanzo, original video with Lou Caruso on how to protect your rod while away from home. If that is not enough there is also a interview with PENN Business manager Mike Rice who will fill you in on everything you wanted to know about new PENN Z series of reels including original part, modification, why the reel was not redesigned and everything and anything you wanted to know.

As many of you know The Fisherman magazine has recently unveiled their TV style fishing show, exclusively for the subscribers of the magazine. If I am understanding this correctly, each new episode is available only to subscribers. Then once a new episode debuts the older episode becomes free to the public.
Anyway, from a video stand point, I am always amazed and inspired in some ways to watch pros work. This Fisherman TV production is all Tim Smith, who singlehandedly records, edits and creates each episode. I can only imagine how much work that must take. But although it’s a single camera show he makes it very interesting to watch. Good job Tim and the whole Fisherman crew
Of course, shout out to our boy Toby Lapinski, the editor of New England edition who is being a major sellout by fishing on a boat for blackfish…with BAIT!! Oh, could you.
Just busting boys and girls, Toby is a hell of a surfcaster, good friend and now a new daddy. Congrats again Toby on all your success.
You can watch this video at
if you are a Fisherman subscriber, just log in with your credentials and you can now watch Episode number #2 which is available to subscribers only right now

4 comments on “New issue of SJ

  1. Dennis Zambrotta

    If he goes to Syracuse you’ll be real close to steelhead when you visit him. Then you’ll have something to do in the winter Z.

  2. Toby Lapinski

    I look forward to reading the next installment of SJ and thanks for the jabs about my boat fishing episode. Don’t worry, I’ll be working on a surf episode soon!

  3. HeinekenPete

    …Thanks, you produced a real nice show here & I learned a lot. I’ll be looking forward to your next episode.


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