New issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal #37 is up

new issue is up for your reading pleasure

One comment on “New issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal #37 is up

  1. BigJim

    I just got finished reading DJ Mueller’s article and I’ve got to say he is spot on I started my subscription about 5 years ago with the expectation to improve my fishing experience and it has helped me more than you guys will ever know. As I have progressed in my hunt for fish I too find myself being more stealthy in when where and who I go with. I do not chase reports I do keep my logs and most of the time I’m alone in the darkness of the night. I have to agree with DJ I have been to the Ditch more than a few times and have gotten to fish almost anywhere along its banks by myself, until one report gets out a fish was caught then it’s time to go home. The report chasers will be there any moment thanks DJ for putting our thoughts into words


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