New Giant issue of Surfcaster’s Journal magazine is live

The new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal is up for your reading pleasure

This issues is different than most, there is a huge 178 page preview issue followed by a 7 day free trial to SJ with mixture of new content and stuff we featured in the past

Included are 4 new videos in Surf Fishing 101

To view new videos in full  and all new  original content in issue 35  please log into your SJ account


Its like having a double

Tommy really did a great jobissue35

7 comments on “New Giant issue of Surfcaster’s Journal magazine is live

  1. Larry F

    Just breezed thru the whole new edition…. lot’s of reading to keep me busy… thanks for all the great info and stories!!!

  2. Thomas Curran

    I just subscribed last week..your site is great..where would I find Episodes 1/4 in Journal 101?
    Wish I could make the show in NJ

  3. Thomas Curran

    Why oh why was that dragger trying to kill the guy?
    Glad he is I was mad after reading it..T


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