Needlefish = sand eels= bass

I am short on time since I was running back and from Montauk for the last three days and I am operating on very little sleep. Friday was more or less a bust for me although I did managed a twenty pound plus in Caswells and half dozen more. But compared to what other people did, that was pretty poor.

Yesterday was a different story with easily over fifty stripers caught and released. But all in due time, right now my brain is fried, every muscle in my body hurts and my elbow feels like it’s going to fall out of the socket at any time



Do enjoy this video of John Skinner fishing this crazy water last few days.

Needlefish = sand eels= bass


13 comments on “Needlefish = sand eels= bass

  1. mikebfishn

    in nj they are quite common to be seen thrown most of the striper season. But for some reason most guys break out the ava jigs when sand eels are present….Big mistake in my opinion. SS needle is always first outta the bag

  2. Zeno Post author

    Yeah…you have to hear the whole story which I am writing now….let me put it to you this way if I listened to voice of reason I could fish with him and have fifty fish to 30 instead if six..details coming

  3. sioca

    Excellent pics Zeno!! Super on the special effect!!!!

    I really feel your pain…have the same thing, but I hope your Lateral Epicondylitis (R elbow) throbs for getting into that …….”BUUSSTT” you say??????? LOL!! Only kidding, just expressing an onset of SJ (Sudden Jealousy)…Get better!!!

    As always, great video by J Skinner.
    Q: John, on your converted 9′ Lami rod, is the gathering guide a 25 or a 30? On the video it looks like 25 – 20 – 16 – 12 – tip?

    Thanks guys, nice work…

  4. Andy Pon

    Much better than I did. Spent Saturday fishing north and south and only got one short. I saw you Sunday at the cafe, guess I should have latched on you! 😉


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