MTK happenings

Took a ride with Silver Fox to Montauk on Thursday night. We got there around 11, just in time to see two fellows bring two nice bass to their trucks in the lot. We suited up and had a ball with bass for about two hours. A shout out to Larry at Big Fish Lures, his Prey swimmer was my go to plug this night. Flat water and last half of the outgoing got the fish feeding on the surface. There were so many splashes around our rocks, it was crazy.

The next night was the same. Tommy drove from home for a tide and took a best fish on a super Strike darter at about 20 pounds of so. I stayed with two plugs, Big Fish Prey and Afterhours 2 ounce needlefish. The hits were so numerous that I started counting as I could not hook a fish. By the end of the night, I counted 55 hits and only 15 fish landed.

The daytime action was nonexistent other that some sporadic action under the light. Which is not surprisingly, considering the condition, flat north and south side, no white water and no wind…and sunny and 85 degrees. Great tanning weather. I managed to do on camera interview for my project  and left Saturday morning.

When you walk off the rocks on the north side at night, if you put your light on, you will be amazed by the numbers of baby snappers milling amongst the rocks. I even snagged a 6 inch one on the back of the Afterhours needlefish.

there was other things that happened like four pounds of General Tso striped bass, the best damn striped bass I ever had.

And there are so many fish in Montauk, they are beaching themselves….literally 🙂

this was a freaky thing considering this bass came out of nowhere. No one cought fish that day, no blitzes, nothing, just  bass laying on  rock


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17 comments on “MTK happenings

  1. Tim

    What the hell was that crap the fisherman pulled out of the beached fishes mouth at the very end of the video? … and did the fish revive and return to the water most importantly!!! I know this isn’t ‘Day of our Lives’ or ‘General Hospital’ but the suspense is killing me! Z your audience wants to know!!! LOL.

    Great story, lol.

  2. TRisser

    Take any fish to the Wok & Roll whole and they clean it and prep it into any Chinese dish you want. The stripped bass general tso’s is the best (IMO)!

  3. bigfishlarry

    Zeno you flatter me and thanks for the kind words! Soon I will be back to making a few more “Prey” swimmers….this season has been so busy! I would love to go to Montauk this Fall…….anyone want some company???

  4. bigfishlarry

    Both the large (2.3 oz) version and the small (1 oz) version have their place! Zeno is tossing the larger version! The smaller version works well at creek mouths and back rivers and I use them quite a bit in the freshwater!


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