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You know what a man-crush is? Sure you do, you just pretend you have no clue. Man crush is that thing that you do when you go to Crazy Alberto’s seminar and you get all puppy eyed when Al shakes your hand and pats you on a head…lol…nothing to be embarrassed, we’ve all been there. It’s nothing more that saying “I got a lot of respect for that dude”. I felt like that about late Al Bentsen. Never quite got comfortable fishing next to him. Yeah, we stood a rod length apart and chatted a little bit but I always felt intimidated so I kept my mouth shut most of the time. There were others over the years, Fred Schwab is the one that comes to mind. Manny Moreno is another, Joe Bragan, Pat Abate and there are many others. All guys I am honored to know and call friends.

But of all current surfcasters, many of whom  posses sick surfcasting skills, there is one who, to me always stood head and shoulder above the rest. Not because he catches a fifty on every cast, not because he writes like a mad scientist, not because he is one of the most respected surfcasters of this generation. Actually, that is it. Respect. I’ve met self promoters, I’ve meet some plain mean guys who hate themselves by noon and the rest of the world in the afternoon. I’ve met some wannabe’s, have-been’s and couldhavebeen’s but not one of the current generation is as universally liked and respected as John Skinner.

You can go to Jersey or Connecticut, Massachusetts or New York and you will find out that the respect for the man is universally shared. He not only does he have a brilliant analytical mind but he has the fishing skills to go with it. His YouTube videos get more hits than anyone’s else. His seminars are packed and his advice is in high demand. Yet he fishes alone just about all the time. He never struck me as one that cared if anyone saw the fish he caught. He fishes for himself , for his own pleasure and for his own sanity.

And it is my pleasure and honor to introduce Mr. John Skinner as one more voice that will be joining Surfcaster’s Journal family with his own column starting in March issue. Man crush or not, I am one happy and proud blogger…and if you never seen this video, you owe yourself to watch it.



Ok. …back to work on the videos for the new issue

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  1. mark d

    A few days ago I email John Skinner with a bucktail question. I don’t know the guy. I figured he would not answer. I was wrong. He answered immediately.

  2. Bill Kacinski

    He certainly is an awesome asset to our fishing community, and now to your journal. I’d say its quite the catch 🙂

  3. mike b

    Never had the pleasure to meet him or attend a seminar, but i follow his blog and videos and have few books. What a awesome person . To share information taken to the grave by most is a true gift to the surfcasting community. Cant wait to read what he shares with SJ im sure it will epic.

  4. Larry F

    Great Video!! I’ve met and spoke with john and always enjoy his seminars and video. And I will be using his fishing log software this season…

  5. Don R

    That is Great news!!!
    Now that he’s made the big time I hope he doesn’t go all Hollywood on us. haha
    Can’t wait for the next issue!

  6. The Rick

    Most impressive, his book was The first book I read about buck-tailing and I’ve watched every one of his videos. Congrats to you and your team and thank you for continuing to add talent and knowledge.


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