Montauk Time & Tide : Episode # 2 – The Bucktail

We don’t do this often, but since I am working on a new Montauk Time & Tide Episode “Favorite Montauk Lure” for upcoming September issue I thought it would be neat to make this one public.

For those of you that are not familiar, Montauk Time & Tide is an exclusive series on fishing Montauk Point beaches featuring many of the most respected Montauk Regulars. Vito Orlando, Jack Yee, Joe Bragan, Bill Wetzel, Don Musso, Charlie Rugger, Many Moreno, Fred Schwab, Willy Young , Ritchie Gerbe and others

Its my incompetent way of trying to capture some of the surf fishing history at Montauk Point over the years

Grab a chair and sit back and enjoy



and speaking of Montauk, lures and fall run

this is on tap for September 11..see you guys there



10 comments on “Montauk Time & Tide : Episode # 2 – The Bucktail

  1. Jim M.

    Incompetent, my foot! These movies are fantastic, well produced, and I don’t think anyone else could get this group together and spill the beans on a secretive craft. Thanks for doing these!

  2. Don Meola

    Yep, I can vouch for their effectiveness. As inveterate surfcaster Joe Bragan mentioned “there were serveral 50’s caught under the light on bucktail” and I landed one of them on November 23, 1992.


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