Montauk craziness, new SJ Mermaid and Night Crew Long sleeve shirts finally in stock

I am back from trip from Montauk and hopefully I will get few minutes of time during the week to put thoughts together. Yes I looked at the forecast of Gale NE winds and I called in dead. Yes, there were fish and boy were they……….tiny!. Holy crap I was not expecting that!

Anyway, got some thought, got some videos to cut during the week but first I need a little family time, which always comes first


Here is a picture of my friend Adam under the light, a lot of hairy moments there this weekend


Here is a my buddy Rich about to get swallowed by a wave


and also. few minutesa go  I added these new redesigned SJ Mermaid shirts to our online store at Limited stocks and Tommy redesigned the back from Long Island to Forever Dedicated . You guys get the first shot at them tonight


Also, the new Night Crew Long Sleeve shirts are finally in stock. I know many of you have asked.


more thoughts on Montauk coming up…

7 comments on “Montauk craziness, new SJ Mermaid and Night Crew Long sleeve shirts finally in stock

  1. jimmy z

    Love those wave pics. Been swallowed myself quiet a few times myself over the years. Like that mermaid shirt too! Nice art work

  2. Vito Orlando

    I’ll have to leave those Wave Pictures to the Younger Surfcasters. On another note, I want to thank The Surfcaster who found and returned my Plug Bag. I met him on Friday to personally thank him.


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  4. Adam

    thank you for the Photo!
    Thursday night i was a crash test dummy on that rock.
    My Athletic trainer from Hofstra won the NYS contest with a 30.
    congrats to him but sometings off…IMHO


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