Montauk Classic Part II

Finally around 9 am I made my way to False Bar where I ran into some friends. How was last night I asked?

Thumbs down they said. I talked to approximately fifty guys on Saturday. Only three had fish. One guys had a few short bass, one had few in Casewels, also small, and one had a bluefish. Most of the dudes I talked to got skunked. You’d never know that by looking at 37 pound on leader board. The winner, John Bruno deserves a world of credit for winning this contest just about every year. But for the most guys, I got a feeling they would have sold their mother for a bluefish bump.

I took a nap and eventually worked my way around the north side into the Camp Hero lot. Few birds were working on outside , they got a lot of guys excited but they were not coming in. I’ve seen no splashes but something must have pushed that bait up to the surface? Willy Young stood next to me and said this was the most promising water he has seen all week.

There was a lady and two gents in Browns trying to hold onto to their respective rocks and cast into the birds but the swells were too much. They spent as much time in water as they did casting. But they gave an honest effort.DSC_2725

Finally around four o’clock I suited up and walked to the Rat Hole. There was no one fishing on the north or south side, so I figured I might as well get some exercise. And hour of casting produced noting as expected. Other than this picture opportunity which will probably be my favorite shot taken during this unproductive picture taking weekend.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

By 6 PM I was back under the lighthouse with camera and Ron D. Like groundhogs days where every day looked the same. Why under the light again? It was the only place where we found people fishing.

Finally someone caught a bass! I swear on my mother it was less than 12 inches long. And I think I am being generous!

Poor fellow dropped it in the rocks while trying to toss it back, but he was a great sport and crawled into the rocks, head first and got it out and into the water. Luckily there were no waves while he did this.DSC_2816

Few minutes later, the Great Ole caught a bluefish and that was all she wrote. I said goodbye to Ron and jumped in my truck and drove home, picking up my son along the way in East Islip.DSC_2822

What do you make out of it? There was  LOT of bait in the wash on the north side, not so much on the south side. The boats were hammering fish the last few days. But not even bluefish made a foray into the surf. I always said that when there are no bass under the out. More often than not there won’t be any in other places. I might be wrong but I always found a lighthouse rip to be a great barometer.

I know there was not much to be had at Moriches, Fins or Jones Beach over the weekend even though they all have bait, some more, some less. Full moon? Sure, it effects it but there was  scarce action before the moon too. I guess we should wait and see if things improve in next few weeks. Should be interesting

Of course, if your name is Skinner, you are not having ANY problems catching fish :-)…just kidding

New video just uploaded by John Skinner



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