Mexico Surf Fishing Part 4 video

Here is an unedited and very raw, phone video from Mexico that Ryan took while i was hooked up to a jack

I figured some of you might want to see what these travel rods look like i action. The quality is what it is, pretty good  for a phone. I made it unlisted so basically just for the guys on the blog

And yeah, that jack kicked my ass. I never want to catch one twice its size

Still home sick as a dog but tomorrow, we got the  SJ Holiday Flea Market coming up tomorrow so we hope to see a lot of you there

all the info you can find here and all the special offers are on SJ FB page
Two free seminars by John Skinner
PENN Reel giveaway every hour
First 200 attendees receive Otter Tail Lures
First 400 attendees receive door prize (we are going to sweeten up the pot with some books,  Spro bucks, Tsunami, Gag’s lures and Game hooks giveaways)


3 comments on “Mexico Surf Fishing Part 4 video

  1. Paul Thomas

    Love those century rods,they look
    Skimpy but have lots back bone . And this 68yr old guy can cast his two stealth’s all nite


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