Merry Christmas and a list of winners

santa2013First , let us wish you a very Merry Christmas, to all our readers and their families. We are hopeful that you are having an awesome day with your family as we are, and that you find continued success in the surf in a New Year.

You waited for this long enough so here are your winners on this Christmas morning.

As many of you know, Rich from RH Custom rods and exclusive distributor of CTS blanks rationally offered to reward One SJ subscriber this year with a  CTS rod. We gave Rich a number of subscribers we have and asked him to pick one number. Then we matched that number to our subscriber registration number and that is how we got our winner.cts_logo

The winner of CTS rod, courtesy of RH Custom Rods is

 Louis Schwartz


The winner of collaboration Mega Lure Giveaway, graciously provided by RM Smith, Guppy Lures, J Stripe and Choopy lures , and available for purchase at RM Smith online store or SOL online store is

Christopher Olesen

Congrats and thanks to all the lure builders for providing the great pluggage!zpliufgs1


The winner of  One Year Subscription to Bill Wetzel; is

Dennis bravo


Congrats Dennis and thanks to Bill Wetzel and his anonymous benefactor who donated one year subscription to the Surf Rats Ball


The winner of the 3 tube surf bag, donated by Gear Up Surfcasting is

Robert carpenter

 rcarpenter@huntingtonhondacars.comphoto 2 (1)


All the winners, you MUST contact us within five days or your forfeit the prize. We do not send a notice that you won, it is your job to check this blog out for winners.

Please contact us at with your shipping address  in case of Chris Olesen and Robert Carpenter. Dennis Bravo, get in touch with us and we’ll get you in touch with Bill Wetzel. Louis, you do the same and we’ll put you in touch with Rich from RH Custom rods.

Congratulation to all winners and enjoy a little Surfcasters Carol



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  1. Wolf107

    Merry Christmas to all! And a big thank you to Zeno and the crew at surfcasters journal for a incredible year,can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next year.



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