Mega giveaway from Tsunami

Lets end this week witha mega plug giveaway

Fine folks from Tsunami are helping us  wrap up this special week of giveaway on the Surfcaster’s Journal Blog. I met a lot of good people in this sport over the year but Nick Cicero, Tsunami rep has been a great friend and advisor over the years. Truly a wonderful human being.

So he is going to help us get this giveaway week to the finish line with a bang. Check in on Sunday for a list of all winners and yes, you can still enter all the giveaways of this week

So here we go, a very, very nice package of Tsunami lures and terminal Tackle

check the whole line at

8 ‘Tsunami holographic sand eel

7’ Tsunami Talking Popper

7 1/2 ‘ Tsunami Needlefish

2 ounce oval bucktail with curly tail

3 ounce bucktail with holographic head and 8/0 heavy duty hook (me likey :-))

Two packs of Tsunami Pro Stainless Steel rolling swivels


All for one winner..good luck to all and thank you Tsunami..The fellows behind those insanely good swim shads and Airwave rods


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400 comments on “Mega giveaway from Tsunami

  1. sioca

    Cool! I’m the first!
    OK I’m in.
    Hey Zeno, this ( ” ) means inches. According to the above, your sending 8 foot sand eels, 7 foot popper and a 7 1/2 foot needlefish. LOLLLL!!! Your in construction hug?? Those little lines make a world of difference… Just saying … LOL

  2. Philip Brill

    I’ve met Nick at several shows and always found is advice helpful.
    He has a lot of product information. I’ve followed some of his recommendations of equipment and their combinations with successful results. It’s important to have confidence in your equipment. Nicks knows his stuff.
    I’m In.

  3. Gerad D

    Your killing me putting out those sand eels. Those were a nice hidden secret that hardly anyone knew about or used. They have a 9″ one also both are bass slayers. They cast fairly well also. I’m in thanks for the chance SJ and kudos on a hell of a giveaway week.

  4. Dan Radman

    I’m definitely in! Love the Tsunami gear!! I have their 10′-0″ rod and absolutely love that thing!

    Thanks all!

  5. Fishtrek

    Please, I am in. Thank you for all of your work and to the folks that have offered the prizes. fishtrek


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