May 2019 issue # 55 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

It’s one of the most ambitious issues of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine featuring :

Frank Daignault

John Skinner

William Mulle

Dave Anderson

Steve McKenn

Tom Kosinski

Steve George

Matt Broderick

Al Albano

John Lee

Peter Utsching

Brian Russell

Jeff Lomonaco

Jerry Audet

I have to mention that I particularly enjoyed Albert Albano “Letter to a Surfcaster’s Wife”

That hit home on so many levels

Enjoy the read

3 comments on “May 2019 issue # 55 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

  1. chris199333

    Awesome issue; just burned a good chunk out of my work day reading up on some great past time stories from some local legends themselves. Thanks again for putting out material that “The People” want to actually read!

  2. Michael Kall

    Absolutely love the cover shot of Captain Rob gettin r dunn!!
    Already gearing up for the fall can’t wait


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