Master speaks…we listen

today, something nice and easy to get you on your way to a great work week


These two videos were taken from SJ seminars we did last winter. John Skinner was one of the speakers.

If you have not gotten John’s new book, Fishing the Bucktail, you should.


Just listen to the man. Him and the dude from Big Bang Theory, Sheldon are in the same category when it comes to brain



and Tsunami Shads



8 comments on “Master speaks…we listen

  1. George M

    Thanks Zen for sharing these videos, being from New england we don’t get the opportunities to view these Master fisherman, geniuses, in person so this info is truly helpful. Very appreciative!

  2. Brendan

    I am a huge of John Skinner. Each one of his books has been read and re-read several times, even the new one. It’s amazing how much knowledge you can pick up through his stories.

  3. woodwker99

    Reading the book now. love the reference to Docs book in chapter 7. made me remember what Doc had said.
    Having met John on the beach I can tell you he is one interesting dude to talk to and watch at work.
    He is a fine gentleman too. willing to share his knowledge right there on the beach.

  4. CTMatt

    As a teacher I’ll say this. It is not so much the fact that his advice is extrememly helpful (which iit is) but the most important fact is he delivers his advice in a clear concise language. No BS…no frills, just straight to the point. Not diminishing the fact he has a lot of experience but how many folks have you heard speak and couldn’t convey wtf they were trying to get across? Great Skinner video…but you already knew that.


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