Lure Tubes Tackle System…new video and giveaway

today we have a video blog, courtesy of Evan , the maker of Lure Tubes Tackle System at

Here is his new video showing functionality and many uses of his Lure Tube System

Make sure you watch it because there is going to be a test 🙂


And to make it really cool, after you watch the video we will give one of you a chance to win this Lure Tube and a cool Lure Tube hat. Shipped to your casa by Surfcaster’s Journal and courtesy  of the Lure Tubes Tackle System

Because you are worth it 🙂

86 comments on “Lure Tubes Tackle System…new video and giveaway

  1. Chris A

    Ah was that a SJ sweater in those waders. I was always thinking of buy one for rigged eels Right know they come with me in zip lock bag

  2. Evan

    Thanks to all the Surfcaster Journal readers for all your support and funny comments, and thank you to Zeno and Tommy and staff for giving the surfcasters a great blog and online magazine. I appreciate all your support.
    Evan DeBono


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