Living the Dream

It was good to see some of our readers at route 110 Flea Market. Next on tap is the big NJ Surf Day in about three weeks. I pray that God will take a pity on us and let up with the constant snow. I am sure many of you are sitting down with a heating pad on your backs. I know I am.

I am sure many of you are jonseing for some fishing but that seems so far away right now. You are probably going stir crazy in your garage reorganizing your plugs for the twentieth time. I kind of like our Art Director Tommy’s approach, let everything simmer in a tangled mess until the days get a little warmer. If you ever seen his plugs, first thing you’d notice is nice “patina” finish on his hooks.

For those of you that like to curl up with a book reading, you probably already read John Skinner’s new book Striper Pursuit. There is another book that I want to tell you about because you probably have not hear of it.

Charlie Soares ocasionaly  contribute Tale End stories on the end of the Surfcaster’s Journal magazine. This kind of writing is right up my alley for winter reading. Ok, for anytime reading. I just love the stories of yesteryears and how the world , fishing (and people) were. It fascinates me and besides watching Flip Pallot narrate in Walkers Cay Chronicles, no other author really touches something deep inside of me like Charlie does. Maybe I see a lot of my late grandfather in his writing, maybe I just yearn for days when life was simple, or probably, I just like the way he makes his stories come alive

I just finished reading Charles new book Living the Dream and loved it. I liked it enough to add a dozen signed copies to our online store but you can also find it on Amazon. I am not sure which retailers carry the book. Anyway, a nice read after you got a brandy in your hand, snow shovel is put away and fire in the fireplace

Living The Dream

A Lifetime of Fishing Adventures

Pursuits of a Longshore Fisherman

“While so many other modern angling scribes have been trying to write themselves into the foreground of striper history, Charley Soares has been living at its epicenter, not missing a beat. His formidable bass-catching credentials and expansive institutional memory have in no way diminished his ability to write about our foremost fish with genuine humility, humor, and conviction, as well as an unparalleled sense of storytelling. You should buy this book.”

– Zach Harvey, Fishing Editor, Soundings,

and former Editor, The Fisherman, NE Edition


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