Last of white water and a video

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. I surprised my wife with a  visit and tray of sesame striped bass from Wok and Roll. Lets me say one thing here. I know my limitations…sometimes. My late grandfather told me almost 30 years ago, “If you don’t know how to drink, don’t drink”. So I don’t. Maybe a dozen beers or so a year. But food?….man, I never learn when is it enough. And sure enough, when I got home from MTK I ate way too much  stuff from Wok and Roll.

I set my alarm for 2 30 AM, figuring I wanted to get there at first light. At 1 30 I awoke in a  cold sweat and literally crawled on my hands and knees to the toilet. I must have ate so much that my stomach rebelled and I ended up sitting on a toilet for about a half an hour.

After I felt a little better, I chilled out on a PC and waited for my stomach to settle down. After 20 minutes of inactivity, I figured might as well leave now and get there a little early. It did not quite work that way

The drizzle outside and strong NE winds were more of an annoyance than anything but it made for some very difficult driving. Even with the glasses on I could barely see where I was going with all the fog, mist and wind driven drizzle. My plan to get there at dawn and then my new plan was to get their even earlier. But they both failed because by the time I got to Montauk I was exhausted and it was almost sunrise. Why? Because every few miles I had to run into bushes, along the road, again and again.

The wife asked me via text  why I did not have my coffee but I told her nothing is going in until it stops coming out !!!!

Finally, about 5 hours after waking up I pulled into Montauk 7/11 and bought a cup of coffee. I drove around the north side, did not care for conditions and drove to the south side. The rain was not coming down hard but it was wind driven, stinging you on your face when you opened your window.

I didn’t even bother checking the water from the top of the cliff, I drove straight down hopeful that maybe, just maybe there was a open parking spot. I knew the water was deliciously whipped in a  frenzy, all I had to do is open the truck window to hear its roar. If it’s going to be clean or muddy ,that will be something I will have to find out to myself. I could not do anything with my camera in these conditions, besides, I had my go pro in my bag. Little that I knew that I would end up on YouTube few hours later anyway.

I dressed up and joined Greg O and his buddy tossing small bucktails across the little hole. There was some grass and kelp floating in the water but the color was still good. And weed was an annoyance and not a problem. I decided to try that rock on the edge of the corner again. I much prefer fishing off the rock than standing on the reef. I am much more comfortable, no need to shift my feet every time a swell arrives.

I worked my way across the reef and got on the rock. Within few casts I started to bang fish on bucktails, just about every cast. My stomach thankfully calmed down. At one point I just took the camera out and tried to get some shots as fish were all over the bucktails if you casted in the right spot. At this point, my thumb was so shredded from unhooking the fish I started to use Boga on every single fish. Funny stuff, you can’t wait to get a bass thumb but then a day latter you don’t want any more damage than you have already done. Thankfully the bucktails and a single hook made the unhooking the fish easy, even the single bluefish I caught  in two days was released quickly.

The reef was all covered in white water and I recognized some fellows that were there yesterday and took a beating along with me. Since yesterday I had 35 fish I wanted to catch at least one more than that but it was not meant to be. I got stuck on 32 stripers and one bluefish, not too shabby for few hours of underhanded casting. All in all I managed ninety eight fish in one evening and two morning sessions. Little that I knew that fishing was going to fall off the cliff in next few days…until the faithful Friday when something ate Steve Campo’s thirty year old 3 ounce Gibbs mackerel bottle plug on a first cast in a raging northwest wind…story for another day.

John Morgan is from UK and he visits Montauk every fall with friends to surf fish. I did not realized that he was behind me using a waterproof camera and shooting video. If you are a curios just what I mean by fishing the whitewater, take a look at this. Yes, that is me “bailing them” as he called it. Although I suggested to him that  a visit to eye doctor might be in order,  considering I only caught one bluefish




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8 comments on “Last of white water and a video

  1. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Z. ‘m no doctor, but that really isn’t much of an underhand cast. 3/4 maybe…lol…. underhand is a reverse spin (coming over the top, around to the back , close to the water, then out) as your rod is parallel to the horizon. takes practice but you’d be surprised how far you can cast that way. Largemouth fishermen do it to get under docks. but if you are not in pain I say go to it ..tight lines.

  2. Mike

    I no the feeling of eating WAYYY to much the night before only to wake up at 2am to fish… instead im on the bowl till 3 and stopping every 1/2hr on the way to the spot!! LOL… I never learn 😉 its the worst but getting to the spot and catching fish normally makes me feel better!!!


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