we caught up with guys from Korkers yesterday who showed us the new Chrome boots, in case you are wondering ,yes, they do have inserts with cleats
I am guessing this will replace their guide series
The inserts look like they will FINALLY  stay on your foot…only a time will tell however…I wonder if they will discontinue to make insets for Guide series ?…I hope not.
 I like the guys at Korkers, I really do but I wish they came up with this design first instead of the previous two versions
btw…the 5000 sandals got redesigned too…

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  1. CTMatt

    My streambourns took a serious beating on rocks/barnacles/jetties and although beat up the V2 soles did well. I would have occasional sole warping issues but never slip offs. Front tongue/back strap hung on for dear life lol.
    Do you miss the miles of duct tape you went through for your studded sandals Z? lol

  2. Mark M

    saw those new korkers at the Folsom Show over the winter and was not sure what to make of the new style. They look great in the store, but wonder if sand will get pushed into the holes and create problems. I use the korkers that clip in the front and sides with a strap at the heel. never had slipage.

  3. Don Brown

    very nice korkers. I remember back in the day when we would pay a locale shoe maker to install spike sols on our rubber boots so that we could walk the many jetties in New Jersey.They lasted a long time to.I haven’t seen that in a long time.

  4. TJ

    I am way too rough on my feet to ever buy boots with interchangeable soles. If they want someone to put them to the test (besides flyfishing in a nice little cobble stone brook)they should let me kill them.. I mean test them. I also hope they put the K5000’s on a diet! They could loose a few pounds.. yeah I know.. pot..meet kettle 🙂

  5. pistol pete

    Man…. Do they ever actually TEST these things first? These soles are NOT staying on… just like the others. Might be great if you are a weekend trout fisherman, but these things will just not hold up or stay on… trust me. These boots are a “jack of all trades, master of none”
    I have been back and forth with korkers for 2 years now, practically begging them to simply make a boot, with built-in receiver threads for screw in spikes, that you screw in and LEAVE IN… so basically it would be a boot with a bottom that looks just like the k-5000’s. I dont need a removable sole, I need spikes on my feet ALL the time… and admit it… you do too…

    Someday…. someday….

  6. Chris A

    I owned the guide boots for two seasons with well over 300 trips on it and love them….BOA does get clogged with sand so I modified it a tad. I never had it slip off ever. Ah and I love to hop on rocks and I am mean HOP Goning with lower end with there new lace system. keep me hoppig Krockers ????

  7. Rob B

    In my experience, the Simms Rivershed boots with the vibram soles and then the carbide tipped screw heads from wearbars works incredible!

  8. Robert LIO

    We are now a full line direct dealer of KORKER products and coming April of this year we will have the new line instock in the store for you to check out and try on.We will make an announcement on this site when its all delivered.I saw all the new stuff at a private screening and found it to be well thought out and should hold up very well to the rigors of heavy duty surf fishing on the east coast.


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