"Killer Bee" darter giveway from Super Strike Custom Lures

To make your weekend a little more pleasurable we have a special giveaway for you today

Courtesy of Super Strike Custom Lures

Here is your chance to win this limited edition “Killer Bee” Darter

This lure will only be available for purchase from Super Strike on Facebook. I figure I throw that out there although Mr. Musso insisted I just do a giveaway. Hey, if you are not a fan of Super Strike on Facebook, you should be.

If you are not a fan of Surfcaster’s Journal on Facebook…give us your home address so we can give you an ass whooping

Good Luck ladies and gentleman….

Surfcaster’s Journal Blog Giveaway…always free entry

Winning šŸ™‚


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370 comments on “"Killer Bee" darter giveway from Super Strike Custom Lures

  1. woodwker99

    Oh crap I just fell for the “HE WHO DIDN’T READ THE BLOG RIGHT AND JUST TYPED I’M IN”trap….sorry Z and I am a fan on FB .

  2. Raven

    you can get my address and phone number from Face book since they decided the giving away of this private information was ok to do….i deactivated my account with them for their unmitigated audacity .

  3. Phil Read

    I love the Journal and will sign up as a friend been meaning to do it for ages.

    I would sign up with Superstrike but we can’t get them in the UK (along with most other made in the USA lures)They can be found but with delivery and customs charges the prices are eyewatering. Am saving up for a trip to the US so will have to bring an empty suitcase. New edition of the journal is better than ever!


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