Jones Beach State Park, an Aerial View

Few thoughts and a new video

First, for those of you that are in constant search of a “holy grail” when it comes to plugs, reels, gear…I can’t help you. There is no such things as holy grail…maybe Indiana Jones would disagree, but it my opinion there is good chit, great chit and a lot and lot of real chit on the market. Stuff that would hold up if we were carp fishing but the saltwater eats it up and spits it out.

But if you are looking at a travel rod which you can store in the overhead compartment of the plane without incurring any charges and which in my humble opinion might be one of the best rods i ever held in my hand, I urge you to look at St Croix Legend Trek travel rods. No, they are not “surf” rods if you equate a surf rod being ten feet or longer. I believe the come in sizes up to seven and a half foot but what a rod it is. I am a big fan of St Croix and own new Avid, Mojo and Legend but theses travel rods might be the best rods they ever made. Three piece rod that in my hand felt like a one piece stick. They are pricey and they do come with 15 year transferable warranty. Its not everyones cup of tea but if you are traveling angler and are looking for a performance , you should check them out in person. Don’t take my word for it.

In two weeks, on February 21, the NJ Surf Day will take place in Lincroft,NJ. I am still waiting for the official flier but Crazy Alberto and John Skinner are featured speakers along with many, many more seminars and all surf fishing reps will be on hand from VS,ZB,Century, SS ,Tsunami, you name it. Speaking of Tsunami, i know some of our readers are just starting out or maybe you are looking for a rod that fits a specific spot in your lineup but won’t break the bank. Take a look at new Tsunami Airwave Elite rods. I remember three years ago when Tsunami Rep Nick Cicero showed me a prototype at Surf Day at Rivers End Tackle in CT. Granted, I don’t base opinion on rods by shaking it at the tackle store but after I played with it and he told me it was going to be under $200, I was floored. After I actually got to fish with one latter in the year, I was even more impressed. NJ Surf Day has grown leaps and bounds in few years and now is the premier gathering of surf anglers in the northeast. I know some of you who attend the show might not notice but to us who are displaying , it is the most organized show we ever been a part of. Once again our sincerest thanks to the whole organization for putting together a hell of a show. We will be there with full crew and yes, there will be a lot of new stuff you have never seen..stay tuned

Last but not least, for those of you who fish backside of Jones back State Parks, lately known as “the land where fishing dreams go to die” a little aerial footage from last June. Hopefully I can get my drone repaired and we can get you guys a lot of new stuff this upcoming year.  [youtube][/youtube]

Mike Campanelli is once again doing a series of Surf Fishing Classes for Beginners or Intermediate surfcasters in Levittown

. He wanted me to make you aware by posing this

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7 comments on “Jones Beach State Park, an Aerial View

  1. Jerry

    I love the drone video. What kind of drone do you have? Would be cool to watch a drone follow a surface plug. Birds eye view of its action and maybe record a strike

  2. CTMatt

    I remember seeing that video not long ago. Great POV!

    Ahhhh Levittown! I was born and raised there….great to see some classes for surfcasters there!


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