John Skinner on Slug-Go’s

Today’s video blog post is by SJ columnist John Skinner.

This is about how to be lazy and still have a lure deadly enough to entice big fish. There are a lot of ways to catch bass on Slug-Gos, this is just one of them. The rigging can’t be simpler. You can buy similar hooks in different weights or weightless. I carry just two weights, the 1/4-ounce model in the video, and the unweighted hooks. I used to throw these on jig heads, but I like the swim bait hooks better because the weight is further back resulting in a more balanced bait. It’s one of the few artificials that you can give a twitch and it will keep traveling on its own in a very natural fashion. This is all about convenience. If my life depended on catching a big bass, I’d want rigged or live eels, but for the times I just don’t want to mess with eels, these are an excellent substitute.



John Skinner is author of A Season on the Edge and Fishing the Bucktail, his recent and very popular book. He also has a website at where you can download a sick fish log to try for free. Find his book on Amzon, SJ store or your local retailer

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