Issue 52 is live

check out the new Nov 208 Issue # 52 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Online Magazine


ps some funky stuff coming to online store this weekend..stay tuned

5 comments on “Issue 52 is live

  1. jimmyz

    I liked the articles by Frank Conclaves and Dave Anderson. I’ve been following Franks progress with plugs for a few years now and can say he has some knowledge. Good job Frank
    And I too know of one holdover spot in Ct. Dave, shhhhh.

  2. markdwn4

    great issue as always. ….i can not download any issues in the archive previous to #23. any ideas ?

    happy thanksgiving to you and yours

    1. zhromin Post author

      yeah, they changed (3D) a software platform on us. They are telling us we need to reupload all the issues so Tommy is gearing up for that


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