Issue # 43 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine is Live

New issue is up and it looks very good. I did not get  a chance to read all of it yet but it looks very well put together (Tommy & Dave  are the ones who put stuff together and deserve all the credit).

There are some new videos from Surf Fishing 101 Video Series and there are also some accompanying videos to Alvey Reels article (very cool!!!) and first installment videos from Comanche Surfcasting.

There are some new things going forward to. One, we are bringing back the food column (as one who cooks in my house for 30  years I am psyched!). We are also talking to few people about writing a  4×4 column for SJ and  few more changes that we will tell you about it soon.

So go read and let’s have a nice giveaway tomorrow, followed by another Tip of the Week video on weekend?


Of course you can always find us at



5 comments on “Issue # 43 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine is Live

  1. Blackdogfish

    Zeno and Tommy
    Another great issue! Thanks!
    Specifically wanted to call out Jerry Audet for that great article on the corners. I’ve followed this guy for a few years and he has made it up the learning curve fast! That was a very well-written article with a LOT of good information, good diagrams and not a lot of hyperbolae/BS.
    Thanks guys.


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