Issue #20 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

The new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine is up for your viewing pleasure, all 177 pages of it. It’s been up for few days so some of you might have seen it already.We just had to fix few things so now all should be well.

We have first column from our new Columnist DJ Muller,  in addition, DJ wrote a wonderful article on island hopping.

Angelo Peluso has a wonderful article on fly fishing the surf. If you get a chance, pick up his new book Fly Fishing the Surf at

Bill Jakob is back with article on catching big Montauk Stripers and Dennis Zambrotta chimes in with a way of beating summer doldrums. Dennis wrote a book that should be on your reading list too, Surfcasting around the Block, available at all The Surfcaster, Edge, Fisherman’s Headquarters, River’s End and other SJ supporters. Pick  one up . It will make that trip to Disney with three screaming kids on a plane much more pleasurable…lol

From the files of late Frank Pintauro comes a story on history of Needlefish lures.

You have questions about new PENN 706 Z reels? We got answers in an interview session with Mike Rice, Product Manager at PENN reels. All you wanted to know and then some.

Original videos

Montauk Time and Tide

Who is the best Montauk Surfcaster Ever?

Ron DiCostanzo will show you how to use a duplicator to make thousands of copies of your mojo lures and then you can go on EBay and sell them for hundred bucks each. A sure way to become a millionaire overnight!

just kidding dudes

Lou Caruso will show you a simple way to protect your rods on your truck, even when you remove your reels.

And that is just some of the stuff

you still have awesome columns by :

John Skinner

Al Albano

DJ Muller

Roger Martin

Russ “Big Rock” Paoline

Dave Anderson

Chef Andrew Chase

John Papciak


That is a lot of stuff for one issue ! If you are not a subscriber to the magazine, please visit our SJ resident physiatrist  Newb Googanhiem and have your head examined. Ok, I am joking but for $20 a year you not only get access to six issues and all original videos BUT access to all the issues we have put together for you for the last four years.


5 comments on “Issue #20 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

  1. surehooked

    Hi “Z” man sorry to do this this way but i tried to contact Dave but my e-mail did,t go through. listen i brought a SJ hoodie and really like it and would like to get some more before fall season starts and i would like to ask you or whom every orders them if you could get some in size -“large tall and large tall “- reason is the : regular size: when you wash and dry them they shrink up short in the leigh . But th tall size will shrink up to “perfect Leigh” Well thank for your time and great issue.

  2. DonR

    Pacing myself this time so I don’t go cover to cover in one sitting.
    Thanks Zeno & staff for yet another wonderful mag!!!

    1. bill Jakob

      OvenRat yes that is me ,into a weighted and released 17 lb striper taken from cliff top on pencil
      popper . A trick that try and do each year. I have caught 5 from camp hero cliff top using a 9 foot
      rod ,vs150 ,30lb braid and a stationary worked pencil popper, my best is a 21 lbr so far . Oh thats right i i I I caught it before the Labor Day the official start of bass fishing in montauk ( read up “montauk madness” ) lol
      Bill Jakob


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