Infatuation with lures- Part 2


Finally I got a chance to put concept of what I had in my head in the motion during Nor’easter of September of this year. Insane sweep on the north side made plugs usless. Hell, if your casts sailed high or if you used wrong size bucktails, you went fishless . I tossed a Fast Sinking 155 Sebile Shad and took some very nice fish up to 20 pounds. In fact, as you can see from this picture, they ate it whole. How does it cast? You would not believe if I told you so that will be covered in the future hopefully in video form. All I will say it’s the best shad tasting lure I’ve ever used.
I left Montauk that weekend convinced that I am on to something but not sure what. I admit, i get obsessed with possibilities. And sometimes I exaggerate things, but damn it this felt “real” But my obsessive personality is exactly why I feel i am so in tune its what I am doing as you can see on the white water videos. There had to be at least 3 instances over the years where I told you exactly on video when I am going to get hit in the wave sequence and why. Its time to put the Sebile to some more extensive test but conditions have to be little less “insane” then during a nor’easter. I love a good old-fashion ass whipping nor’easter delivers, but unless you are fishing few special situations, bucktails are by far your best options. Nothing even comes close.image

October 4th 2016

I have not fished with an 11 foot rod for two years now, due to tenderntis . I finally felt ready to go back fishing with a big stick and was considering ODM rods, Lou suggested Genesis 11 foot rod rated 2 to 6 ounce.
Let me just touch on something very important, having your custom rod builder is comparable of having your own hairdresser if you are a lady. Everyone in my house knows that you don’t ever, ever mess with my wife’s hair appointment! My wife has such a trust in this girl that when she asks for an opinion on changing hair style, she takes her advice hundred out of hundred times. Which is exactly the type of relationship I have with Lou. I considered a much faster 11 foot rod but he felt, the way I fish, ODM Genesis would be more suitable. How can you not love s guy who is not only honest but saves you quite a bit of money too? The ODM rod was finished in time for a very unusual trip. Here is the synopsis. I am not going to talk much about this rod as I want to play with it for the rest of the year before I form and editorial opinions. But damn it, after this night I thought it was my lucky charm!!!!

Winds for Montauk were supposed to be 15-20 overnight with not a cloud in a sky. Not a Nor’easter or a storm. Just a little windy day……or so you think
I called in dead at work and told Silver Fox I was going out east for the night.It seems like that is all he needed to hear as few hours later, we were traveling about 1/2 an hour apart on route 27 east.

When I got to East Hampton I realized I left my stocking foot waders at home. My plan was to fish in waders overnight and then wetsuit if I need it in daytime on the south side. I kind of wanted to stay dry, but now that I realized my waders were a 100 miles away……oh well, wetsuit it isimage

I meett Silver Fox in a lot and got dressed at 8 pm and we headed under the light. Although Silver Fox was born same year as Moses, he possesses nimbleness of a mountain goat and has cahones of a bull that allow him fish under the fabled light. Me, I not so much of a fan, primarily because of difficulty of landing a fish. Add a stiff 15 to 20 MPH NE and you are taking a life in your hands for a chance of lading a fish of a lifetime.
Which is exactly what happened…but I am getting ahead of myself
So we get down the rocks, which were just about all taken already. No one is doing anything for an hour and then like someone flipped a the switch, the mayhem ensues. The rods are doubled over, rigs are broken and men are sliding into incoming waves to grab fish before getting swept by a next set. Silver Fox finds an opening and fires up a cast only to see his line breaks. He re-rigs, makes another cast and his lines breaks again
He backs out and is checking each of his guides for cracks, while I take his rock. Striped bass in the 20’s and 30’s pound class are being thrown on the rocks and scurried up to wall. One angler seems to be fighting what it appears a very large fish. He slides down the rocks and disappears under the foam of an incoming swell. A moment later he emerges victoriously, with one of the larges striped bass specimen we have ever seen in person. One arm under the gill of what it appears to be 50 pound plus striper, he scurries up the lighthouse rock wall. If you never seen what a 50 pound bass looks alive and pumping blood though his body…its a majestic sight. The rest of us plus along ad lad fish up to 30 pound range. No one really bats an eye as conditions do not allow you to take your eyes off the ocean even for a split second. Massive walls of water are pounding into the rocks and anglers.

Silver Fox is back with a spare rod. But this time there’s more room so now we both have our own rocks. He makes a cast but his line breaks again. This time is his tip top guide that is busted. Hard to believe both of his rods have nicks in the guides. He said he has another tip in his truck so he goes back to the lot for the third time. I stay for another half an hour but I decided as the tide is coming in, it’s not really something I want to do, take chances with my life trying to land a fish.

Silver fox is in a lot, his tiptop is on and he’s ready to go back to the light. He wants his pound of flesh and I don’t blame him. I lost all my leaders in the mayhem, including about half a dozen Bucks. So while I am trying some new leaders in the dark silver fox is on the move yet again. On his way to the light.
After finishing tying few leaders in the dark I went to the Bluffs and made few casts but I didn’t particularly care for the way to water was moving, or for the way the waves were moving. So I go back to the truck in the lot and drive further along to the north side. I sent text to silver fox where I am, so he can find me later. I filled the bag with Sebile swim shads, darters and heavy needles, locked my phone in the car and I’m was on my way.

As I walk in the darkness, I see few guys plugging the famous spot (let’s just call it that) and I also see a solitary angler on the other side of them. I decide to go on my own and take a position about twenty yards on the left side of the angler. I fire 155 Sebile Sinking Shad into the darkness, pick up the slack and start working it with slow, deliberate raises of a rod, pumping if you would like to call it that.


I set the hook and feel a extremely heavy weight. Line starts to peel off my Van Staal and then the line just snaps


I retrieve my line only to find that knot I just tied in the parking lot failed! There is a lesson for today boys and girls, don’t rush the important shit. I changed the leader, now pissed, not only that I lost the fish but I lost stick shad.I fired up another cast with Sebile shad. Two cranks ….

BAM !!!!

Exact same thing happens.Line is pealing off my reel and then it snaps again at the knot !
Are u serious @#%^$@!!!!!!
Some of you’re probably questioning why I can’t tie a decent knot. Or the fact that I would admit this publicly. And I could explain to you that I fished the previous night late. And that I did 4 hours of weights working out and my regular job in last 24 hours and that I don’t remember the last time I slept. But you know what? There is no reason or good excuse to tie a bad knot


more to come..typing this shit 30 000 feet up in the air over Mexico

5 comments on “Infatuation with lures- Part 2

  1. Joe GaNun

    Is there a part three or did you run out of Sebiles ? I thought that this was a great write up about the really crazy conditions that can exist at Montauk. Loved it.
    Me ? I’m too timid and old to get after it under the light because of the difficulty in landing fish of any size.

  2. Jfisher

    Do you know if you were using the “sinking” or “fast sinking”. I’ve always shied away from the sebile stick shads in part because of so many options. Size, color, floating, suspending, sinking, fast sinking, etc. Any thoughts?

  3. Jerry

    4 hours on the weights? You can play for the Jets, any position you want. Nothing beats the Zeno stories on this blog. Big fish, broken lines, angry whitewater, heartbreak, unexpected disasters, sore elbows then finally the inevitable chance encounter with Kate Upton who is desperately seeking a man who speaks croenglish on the walk back to the truck.


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