ICAST..Lamiglas Ron Arra XSRA1363-2 Long Cast, 11’6”

Lamiglas has a new Ron Arra model XSRA1363-2 Long Cast, 11’6”,2 pc., 70/30split coming out. We reached out to Josh Cooper, Designer and Product Manager at Lamiglas for some more information

Ron Arra line of rods has been extremely popular over the years. Give our readers some background

These rods are really what started Lamiglas (possibly the industry) into the true performance side of surf fishing. Todd Vivian (the rod designer here before me) worked very closely with multi time world champion caster Ron Arra to build a rod that would cast like a smaller version of a tournament rod but would also be pleasant to fish with. That’s the nice thing about Ron he is not just a tournament caster he is also a fisherman. That is what these rod all about today. While it is not necessarily our highest end rod series, it offers a different action to those that know how to load a rod properly to gain that extra distance.

How does Arra line of rods differentiates from other rods in Lamiglas lineup?

Really the actions are what make them unique, they are powerful in the cast but still have a deep flex while fighting fish. This is something that Todd and Ron worked hard to get just right. Also the blanks are built of a higher modulus graphite than say the GSB blanks so the diameter of the blank can be kept down which aids to making that deeper flex.


Fill us is on this new model XSRA1363-2 Long Cast, 11’6”

The new model was a concept from Ron himself. He asked for a rod that would utilize some more modern concepts in mandrel tapers, materials and ferrule design, to achieve longer casts, keep the blank durable, and still have it two piece. This is why we went with a 70/30 split and a mod/fast blank design with an extremely powerful butt section. Once Ron cast it he called me right away and said “it is exactly what I have been looking for”. It casts really well with little effort but when pushed hard (like Ron Arra hard) it will through amazing distances.



And for those of you who are wondering how often should you service your Van Staal reel, here is a little advice from Bert, an Authorized Van Staal Technician at White Water Outffiters  in Hampton Bays, NY


2 comments on “ICAST..Lamiglas Ron Arra XSRA1363-2 Long Cast, 11’6”

  1. Ed Carlson

    Bert built my custom VS250 gold and silver at white waters on their grand opening. Its amazing have had nothing but success and he really knows his stuff. Stop buy and say hello I recommend him 10/10!!
    -Ed Carlson

  2. Frank Goss

    My grandson last year Christmas presents was three reels, BG, Battle II and Adore and 9′ Lamaglass Insane.

    This year a 11′ Insane, and a two for one 11.6″ Ron Arts Surf Pro. Your review sold me on it.
    Also a Tsunami Shield 6000 which seems to get a good review. Called Bahama Bay wholesaler in NJ and found out they import from China, Airwave surf poles..

    What is your experience with Insane Mexico? Or Tsunami Air wave?


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