How to work Super Strike Little Neck Popper video – SJ issue #24, March 2014

in case you missed it in the march issue of last year


7 comments on “How to work Super Strike Little Neck Popper video – SJ issue #24, March 2014

    1. zhromin Post author

      You need to check the guppy giveaway entry box… we don’t post the winners on a Blog any longer…nor can you enter with “i am in”

  1. Mark

    Zeno – I apologize, but I went to that box and it simply says the giveaway is closed. Where is the winner listed?

    Thank you for allllll that you do.


    1. zhromin Post author

      , no need to apologize. After I mailed the plugs to the winners I deleted the winners email from the app..that is why it’s not showing
      That is my bad

  2. TedC

    Thanks Zeno, I’ve wondered how to fish this lure, this was perfect! I’ll feel a lot less lost next time i use it.

    is that cohesive tape on your trigger? Looks like it might be. If not– give it a try some time… After getting sliced hucking bait on day 1 a few years back, i dug into my wood carving supplies back at the house and was surprised how well it worked. Slice resistant, stays on when wet, and very tacticle.

  3. keith bolen

    Why don’t you ask the school to see if you can take over that common are where we all waited? Let people stand out side and put vendors in that big open space were all the table and chairs were. When i left there was nothing going on in that space


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