How did we do ?

Ok, we gave you few days to browse trough the magazine. This is the time when you tell us how did we do. I mean , 190 pages plus and contribution from so many

  • Steve McKenna
  • Russ “Big Rock” Paoline
  • Dave Anderson
  • Andrew Chase
  • John Skinner
  • John Papciak
  • Zeno Hromin
  • Lou Caruso
  • Frank Pintauro
  • Ron DiCostanzo
  • Eric Burnley
  • Lou Tabory
  • Armand Tetreault
  • Ryan Smith
  • Al Lemire
  • Larry Wentworth
  • Mike Fixter
  • Wayne Hess



so do chime in and tell us what  you liked, what you want to see more of…


in other news, John Skinner’s book, Fishing The Bucktail is printed and being shipped from somewhere in Midwest to NY. Expected to arrive sometime on weekend or Monday. All of you that purchased reserved signed copies, they will be shipped early next week. This is your last chance to reserve a signed copy by clicking on the cover. After the weekend the link to signed copy is going to be gone and signed books will be no longer available


22 comments on “How did we do ?

  1. Irish

    There is a lot of good stuff here guys. Tommy , your layout is very pro at this point. Great flow of advertising into articles. This issue I loved the interview with Bob Pond, It blows me away that the plug I will be throwing later tonight was designed in 1944….crazy cool. i love interviews of people involved in our sport. well done guys on all fronts.

  2. woodwker99

    Only about half way through this issue as I love to savor it as it only comes out what seems like an eternity between issues.
    But so far I love it. A bit confused by the story about pencil rods. read it twice to understand and read between the lines as to what we were being told. But that might be me. I think I could do without the fly fishing articles as I think(and this is just my opinion) fly fishing belongs in a boat on the flats of Fla., or in streams and lakes. Just my opinion. Everything looks great and I for one see every issue improving. Keep them coming.- Rich.

  3. Matt H

    Once again you guys out did yourselves. I thought the excerpt from John Skinners book was great, and makes you look forward to his new book even more. I also loved the piece regarding the commercial plug builders favorites to build. I would love to see more on plug building, seems like a lot of guys are jumping into that hobby, myself included, so any help from the experts would be a tremendous assest.

  4. Jeremy

    Takin my time readin it Z as Im in no hurry. The Pond interview and Johns excerpt are awesome, and I personally love the product reviews. thanks for the review on the Torque. I just got one.

  5. Jeremy

    Oh and Plugaholics Anonymous is my favorite column of the mag so far. Yes my name is Jeremy and I am a plugaholic……kind of silly considering I throw sluggos most of the time….

  6. Lou Caruso

    woodwker99, What had you confused? Maybe I can clairfy it for you. Obviously, I’ll never be a professional writer…..LOL

  7. Ryan Chenette

    Another fine job done by the SJ crew, thanks guys. To me, this issue was all about the plugs, awesome. I really liked hearing about the start of the plugs we use today straight from the maker. One plug, how it started, how to use it, and where. There are plenty of books on how to use them, but to hear from the maker what their intentions were when they made it, gives me a little more insight as to what kind of conditions to throw them in. I have also not read the whole thing yet, why rush a good thing when I have to wait till Jan for a new one!

  8. Richard Jacoby

    You have no idea how much this angler appreciates reading these articles. Fishing, its’ history, techniques, and experiences are a gift that makes day to day events melt away and clears the mind for better constructive thoughts. Short of a spiritual boost, it is for me the best this world has to offer other than my best friend and wife Donna. Rich

  9. David Strom

    Another fine magazine, and I’m looking forward to trying out the pdf version on my Ipod Touch, if the old v3 IOS will work. Maybe there’s an app…?

    Anyway, thanks for all your excellent work on the magazine & for the Ipxxx pdf version.

    Hey, just a thought, maybe you could show the table of contents pages for the archives? to make it easier to find an older edition, if I was looking for example, to re-read what you guys had to say about the Sufix 832 braid line.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and I hope you guys get to enjoy some good fishing this fall.


  10. Allen W

    Great! But do we HAVE to tell you every time? LOL! No really, it’s a great read and I so look forward to the publication every time. Thank you Gentlemen, your work really hits home and gets the ‘jones’ going! Please keep it up.

  11. Zeno Post author

    Allen..we are looking for feedback of what you liked or what you could do without…pat on the back is strictly optional

  12. Jason

    Always a good publication and always room to improve. The blog is a daily visit for me and I can never wait to find out what you all are going to put out next, keep up the good work.

  13. woodwker99

    Lou, what had me confused was that you really didn’t give us a clear recommendation of a good pencil rod.
    And the chart is a great list but i was still left wondering which would be the better rod.
    But then like I said ” it might just be me”.

  14. Lou Caruso

    Sorry that wasn’t clearer for you. I try not to make a direct recommendation because every one has a personal preference. What I tried to do was to point out that parabolic rods are easier to use while working a pencil.It then gives everyone options. The list was put out there to show which rods are “more parabolic” if you will in each company’s lineup.
    Hope that helps…..

  15. Dooley

    I love the excepts form the plug builders. Hearing legends talk about what made them build a plug and how to use it best is priceless information.

  16. steve

    I enjoyed the whole issue. The articles on old time plug makers are great.Not into flyfishing-yet. Wish we had more made in the USA fishing products to choose from. This blog is the best! I dont have stacks of mags on my table-keeps wife happy.I have taken alot of information from all the issues and it has help me greatly. I hope you guys dont get burned-out–want to keep reading all these articles–Thanks alot.

  17. Sam

    Z: 1st time I downloaded the issue to read later on my ipad and it was awesome, especially since I was and currently am, travelling home from Cali now.

    I loved everything in the issue, especially Tabory’s beach strategies, Skinner’s book excerpt, Big Rock’s pneumatic diff lock (who knew?), and Tommy’s work. I’d like to see an article review of superlines for our NE surfcasting vs. Individual sponsor ad reviews.

    T: 7 Seconds rocks!

    L: your pencil rod piece was good. Just thought you could have made the rod/blank list more detailed, esp. Like listing the more moderate Mojos and Legends that have glass composite tip sections or the all graphite 11 Mojo which is more parabolic comparable to it’s Legend counterpart. What about Seekers?

    Thanks SJ,

  18. JohnP

    I get something out of each issue, but I’ll be honest, some articles are not read completely on day one… but I do go back to find that article that I scrolled thru when that issue came out. Some type of index with tags would be really good. Example, I skimmed the cinder worm article, but next year when the moon phase is upon us, I will certainly go back to it.


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