Hogy Heavy minnows and Albies

You’d had to be living under the rock not to notice that our “fall run” is off to almost nonexistent start in a lot of places. Maybe its the water temps, make its the lack of bait or its just sad state of affairs when it comes to striped bass stocks. It is probably a little of everything mixed together. Some places are doing better than others but in a lot of places albies aka false albacore have filled the void.

Very few things can be compared to a blistering run of albies while your drag is almost in need of being water cooled! Fishing for albacore from NJ all the way up to MA is about as good as its gets right now so get out and get it on the action

Most of your usual lures will get the job done, however today I want to bring attention to a fairly new product from Hogy Lures.

.75oz Heavy Minnow Jigs
1.25oz Heavy Minnow Jigs
1.25oz Heavy Minnow Jigs

John Skinner uploaded the video of catching albies on Hogy Heavy Minnows this week. Considering that next few days forecast calls for heavy south winds in your face, you probably going to need the distance on your cast to reach the fish.

When fish are on small bait like bay anchovies, they can be hard to fool as they are zoned in on very tiny bait. Fly fisherman have the advantage if fish are within the reach as they can present smaller baits much more effective than we can. However, if the fish are 50 yard or more of the beach we are presented with unique challenge
1.presenting a very small profile lure
2. that can be cast great distance
3. not sink like a rock

Hogy Heavy Minnows seem to fill this category rather well especially 3/4, 1 1/4 and 2 oz sizes. They cast very well for their profile and they stay true on every cast. They skip on surface on a fast retrieve, something fast feeding fish like false albacore find irresistible

for more info on these lures click HERE

Hogy Heavy Minnows

And of course, don’t take my word for it, listen to the Man himself, SJ columnist John Skinner


Seems like SJ Fly Fishing Columnist Jeff Lomonaco is doing some damage on the fly rod too!!22256644_10155190671664541_6967012629341872480_o 22289731_10155187699474541_8168192078813002192_o

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