He is…………..The Most Interesting Man in the World

The dinner he made last night was delicious …..Ask anyone

The last time he shaved, he donated a double-king sized comforter to an orphanage

He makes the sun rise……..interesting

When he hides the salami, no one can find it

He wears black like nobody’s business.

When he rocks the house…the house really rocks.


Calvin Klein calls every day…….he does not retun his calls

His mother has a tattoo that reads “son'”.

He taught a fish how to read email for him.

If he were to punch you in the face, you’d have to fight off the urge to thank him


He doesn’t  always drink beer, but when he does, he prefer Dos Equis.”

“Stay thirsty, my friends



Happy Fouth of July America!


Our hero, Art Director Tommy Corrigan aka Yo Dude who is burning midnight oil designing the issue # 8 as we speak….for you

12 comments on “He is…………..The Most Interesting Man in the World

  1. Nancy Brown

    Thank you Tommy. I am grateful for all of the hard work that goes into S J. Everything you do is much appreciated.

  2. woodwker99

    Tommy you might not be the most interesting man in the world… but you put out (along with everyone else on the staff) the best, most interesting surf fishing magazine on the web or anywhere.Thanks and keep doing what it is you do.

  3. Raven

    totally liking your sense of humor
    because the Most interesting man in the world commercial

    just begs to be parodied… (very well done)

    wanted to do it myself but the graphics PC is currently torn apart… upgrading…. AMD just came out with(today)
    a super CPU thats intergrated with the GPU
    for 75% more visual clarity… hmmmmm, i say….


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