Guppy Special Pencil Popper winner and John Skinner video

The winner of Guppy very special SJ pencil Popper is Fidel Cabrera

Congrats Fidel, you have 5 days to contact us at with your shipping address. We are few days away from the new SJ  issue and The Fisherman Show  is on tap next Thursday. In a lot of ways, The Fisherman’s Show has always been kind of an unofficial start to fall run.111

There is an insane amount of bait in a lot of places and if you are living around Cape Cod Canal, there are actually really wish, with stripers feeding on them. Not so much in other places but hopefully that will change with cooling temperatures

Here is a video of SJ columnist John I-can-catch-a-fish-in-a-roadside-puddle Skinner, talking about the lures that you can find in the back of his truck. This originally appeared in the episode #2 of SJTV, i am working on some stuff for future episodes as we speak



One comment on “Guppy Special Pencil Popper winner and John Skinner video

  1. Dan Sharoh

    Love how Skinner uses the basics and gets the job done better than most

    SS plugs, tsunami’s, and all in a canyon bag

    the frugal sharpie


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