Guides Secret Bunka Boys & Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-braid giveaway

Lets do a giveaway for our fans. I hope you are catching and if you have any aversion to teasers, get over it! Haha , just joking but they are sure deadly in my neck of the woods this year. But I still cant bring myself to tie one on. We have been asking where all those fish from big 2011 YOY class , they are on the lip of the beach rooting sand fleas.

Today’s giveaway will feature two winners

First winner will pick up two Guides Secret Bunka Boy swimmers while the second winner will receive one spool each of 30,40,50lb test Spiderwire UltraCast Invisi- Braid. I been using this line quite a bit last year and it looks like Spiderwire has a winner.

Good luck, its close to midnight, back to my video editing chores

Go get some fish !

20151024_214828-1 20151024_214955-1 20151024_215309-1New issue of your favorite magazine and $^%&*load of videos coming your way in few weeks


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