Gospel according to Z

Lol…will you admit that I got your bullshit-o-meter to register a high reading after reading the title?

But there really is nothing to it, just another  4 AM brain fart before heading to LIRR and back on the ladders, wrapping duct.

But seriously, I do want to bring something to your attention. Most of you have either read in books or have a firsthand experience with bottle plugs aka Casting Swimmers. Today I will only talk about ones made by Super Strike as they are the staple in my bag. There are few other makers of these plugs, primarily Gibbs and although I like them I only use them under certain conditions, maybe a blog post for another day. But Super Strike bottle plug is always in my bag. Regardless if I am fishing Montauk, sand beaches of Long Island, local jetties, Block Island rocks, Cape Cod Canal, just about anywhere. Cuttyhunk too but there I prefer a bottle darter instead of a pure bottle plug. I used them in rough water, moderate water and flat water. Wait, did he just say “flat water”? I though bottles are best and only used when surf is rough?

If you believe that, then you might also believe that Kim Kardashian marriage is going to last more than a year. Or that her ass is real..

Yes, bottle plugs are little dirty secret of many midnight raiders in the inlet jetties, on any place where there is a good drop-off (hint, inside inlets) and strong current. You don’t need a howling 30 mph NW winds to cast a bottle plug  at Shagwong and catch fish. You can do it with a SS Bottle just about every night, under any conditions in the fall, including the glassy flat calm conditions. What you do need is a moving water, the faster the better. Cast the plug slightly up current and dig it in, just like you would do in the rougher water. Then just reel enough to maintain control. That is it. Many jetty jocks feed the bottle in the current then only reel until the plug starts to dig in. At that time they only hold on to the rod, letting the current move the lure. Try it, you might be surprised how well it works. Just don’t cast in on a gently sloping beach without much current because they will dig into the bottom ASAP. Some of the beaches are much steeper than others, for example Cape Cod beaches are known for their slope, locally Moriches is so steep some years it’s hard to walk straight. Find a jetty, drop off ,swim to the rock and just retrieve it like any other plug. Trust me, it’s impossible to work a bottle plug the wrong way. The plug will tell you, by pulsating and creating resistance when you are doing it right. If you are hitting the bottom, the bottle plug might not be your best weapon but if you can work the lure without getting snagged, I would suggest you hold on to the rod.


the shirts were odered and those of you who picked up books in addition to shirts, all we be mailed together, hopefully by the end of the weeek

13 comments on “Gospel according to Z

  1. Tom W

    Z, Good timing with this one…bottles are a favorite plug of mine in the Sept-October transition time when the snappers and weaks leave the bays.

  2. CTMatt

    With the lack of bunker in my area I have a better shot at hooking up with KK then a bass at this point. Going to have to make a Block trip for striper rehab. Maybe Bruce Jenner can swim from CA to Block…

  3. Moses medina

    Hey Z, great article for four A.M. Super Strike makes some awesome plugs! I think that the comments have tilted towards the topic of kims ass. See what you started Z. Lol

  4. Jerry

    >>>> If you believe that, then you might also believe that Kim Kardashian marriage is going to last more than a year >>>. Zeno…. Amazing how you seemed to have nailed this one… are you the “other man” ?


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