Giveaway from Choopy Lures and Sufix 832 winner

in celebration of the insane sand eel bite we have a special giveaway of these two sweet lures from Charlie at Choppy Lures
You see, Charlie forgot all out sending us these beauties months ago. But sometimes it just takes time until we can get to a giveaway.
Check out his whole line at
Just wait till you see what we got for you for Christmas giveaway…can you say one of those hand stitched never-need-another-as-long-as-you-live surf bags???…..details to follow
You know the drill
Come plug with Santa in the morning if you haven’t put your gear away
The winner of Sufix 832 super duper braid is… Nick G

You need to get back to me at and email me your shipping address

185 comments on “Giveaway from Choopy Lures and Sufix 832 winner

  1. Mark M

    The bite has been great for over a few weeks now. Try not to miss a day. I am in for those lures please. Maybe see you tomorrow if your nearby….Good luck everyone!

  2. Anthony Rich

    I’m in.

    Nice to see you and Santa on the beach this morning. It was a beautiful morning. I’m sure you got some great shots. Did you notice the SJ sicker on the back of the bmw wagon?

  3. Madmedic

    I usually count myself out because I am dislocated from any body of water assiocaited with Surf Casting but Ill give it a shot, I;m In !!!!

  4. Matt

    Nice stuff … I have to much already. Will leave it for someone who is in need. Im out …

    Now the surf bag will be keeping an eye 🙂


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