Giant Sebile Magic Swimmer giveaway

We going to give you a chance to win some neat stuff today but first few announcements.

The winner of Choopy Darter giveaway from last week is Gene You have 5 days to email us at with your shipping address. Congrats


The new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

It’s done….it’s been done for few days already. But we are having a hell of a time with some technical difficulties. Our web genius decided to take a walk three weeks ago from New York City onto Appalachian trail. Last we have heard he was continuing to walk and walk and walk……all the way to the woods of Vermont! Yeah, that kind of a walk. We managed to make contact with the extraterrestrials but our web dude, no way. He is off the grid totally…..Tommy did spoke to him on Tuesday via Skype or whatever , we thought we had issue resolved and then problem cropped up again. So just be patient, we promise its worth the wait, all 177 pages of it. I anticipate either tonight or tomorrow he will actually make contact with mothership. I know, it’s quite embarrassing and I do apologize for this slight delay.

So, let’s get back to something more uplifting, like a chance to win some cool stuff from SJ and Sebile.

Today we will give away a Sebile Magic Swimmer..but not just any swimmer. This is a fast sinking  giant 9 inch 5 ounce version for big fish. Retail around $40. You toss this bad boy off your inlet or breachway jetty or into the Canal and I would think that whatever you pull out won’t be small



192 comments on “Giant Sebile Magic Swimmer giveaway

  1. fishinthedark

    I am in on that sebile sinker, thanks guys and can’t wait for the Newest issue of the journal.

  2. Jason Villanti

    I’m in on that awesome Sebile sinker. Thank you for the chance SJ. Cannot wait for the next issue to come out soon! Best Magazine going today!!

  3. CharlesT

    I’m in ….. Suggesting you run a story about all the winners of plugs from SJM to see what they’ve caught with their prizes so far.

  4. bigjim

    I can’t wait for the new issue to post so far this is my favorite mag and love the blog not only great info but awesome giveaways so with that being said I’m in on that Sebile lure would love to chuck it into the merrimac river up here Thanks Guys

  5. Richard aka Woodwker99

    I’m in… Now wheres the new issue…… I’m waiting……. is it there yet? how about now?! now? ok holding my breath……. turning blue in the face…….. getting dizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. mikebfishn

    I’m in! thanks SJ. something has felt missing lately for me….Issue 20! yeah time to hide at work and get lost in new issue

  7. michael nj

    my wife will sooooooo……glad to see me add to the collection of fish catching crap as she says… z


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