From cold to hot

Late August already? Gee, where did the summer go? Although I hate working with fiberglass on a hot and muggy day I am not ready for the fall just yet. No, thankfully my elbow is feeling quite spiffy these days (knock on wood). But I do feel I tore something in my shoulder last week on a  trip to Mexico with my son. No one said we are going to age gracefully…

We were about an hour from Cabo San Lucas and although I have thousand little anecdotes to share, including a bout with that famous Mexican runs for my son I just find myself short on time. I am sure I will get to it at some point but the place is HOT! I mean “cant walk on sand after 11 AM, hot”.

You know that famous surfcaster phrase “you should have been here yesterday?”. We’ll that is what we encountered on the two times we tried fishing the beaches, once in Cabo and once about an hour away in Baja. I got to tell you, the Pacific surf is no joke and I prefer Baja any day of the week. Fortunately my son had a ball on a boat landing a Humboldt squid, three tuna’s, red snapper, dorado and his first marlin all on a same trip. Myself? I was just happy to be there and being a cameraman.

On a trip to Cabo with one of the owners of Buena Vista Resorts in Los Barillas and also the owner of Jansen Tackle in Cabo we found ourselves in a bit of a pickle when large pelican got tangled in the line. Ok, they were in the pickle, I whipped out my camera of course.


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and last but not least..giant eels !!

Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle has just acquired over 100 lbs. of prime sized rigging and lure skin eels….Nice & dark colored!!!

Call the shop to get then while they are available. This might have been the last harvest for the season that includes large 18″-24″ eels.

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