Friday video blog

Today blog will be heavy on videos and light on words. SJ crew just got back from Cuttyhunk where Tropical Storm Andrea kicked out ass and seals swam around, laughing at us.

First a, a new video release from PENN REELS about 704/706Z series of reels


Second, an interesting video on abrasion resistance  of Power Pro Slick


And last, a video by Slap Jackson . Dude has style and Silver Fox loves him


9 comments on “Friday video blog

  1. Chris A

    Slap is the man. Very nice guy and great to talk too. He is loved by all at Jones

    Chris and Breezy Bobby

  2. BrianMartin

    Slap Jackson mentioned special guests……

    Is it me, or was he hinting at an appearance by Zeno?

  3. Lou

    I wish he had done the same test with standard power pro. I noticed the same thing with slick but thought it was me …..

  4. Mike S.

    Fathers Day is this Sun., HOPE I get me some of the walk-on-water waders or one of the fish whistle’s …. priceless!

  5. Zeno Post author

    Brian. ..anyone that has that much enthusiasm for the sport we all love is a good egg in my book

  6. Adam

    Here’s a little history about your power pro demo, is Dave is a very good wetsuiter & free diver.
    I’ve fished MTK with him & Gribby often, these guys know their stuff.
    Confidence is the only mojo you need.
    If you fish structure listen to Dave he’s in the toughest spots every time i see him out in M.
    Thanks bro you saved me some $$$. See you boys were we fish.

  7. MRisser

    Great Vid. on the PP Slick. Thanks for putting that out! Like was previously mentioned I would like to see how the normal PP compares. I’ve been using the normal PP in 50lb for 2 years now w/o issue (fishing in the same locations mentioned), so I’m confident in it. Maybe my confidence is miss-guided?!


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