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Number two, those of you that live on Long Island finally are in for a treat over your neighboring state surfcasters this weekend. Why? Because you have a chance to attend Bill Wetzel seminar this weekend for free. And you got to meet the  Hess brothers, makers of Guppy Lures who are traveling from Massachusetts . And you get  free coffee (my favorite), free raffles. Did I mentioned that all this is happening, Guppy, Wetzel, free seminar, coffee, raffles, at same spot this Saturday?


Mr. Wetzel will be giving a free seminar At Cow Harbor bait and tackle and the Hess brothers will be traveling from Cape Cod Canal to Cow Harbor to meet and greet the customers. Not only that but bring your rod because there is plenty room behind a shop to cast a Guppy and see how it works. Wish I could join you but I will be at UConn or UMass or Usomething or other. I dont even know where the hell my head is anymore. But you guys enjoy it

Any questions call Mark at Cow Harbor 631 239 1631

Check off Saturday April 6th on your calendar to hear Bill Wetzel, “New York’s Hardest Working Surf Guide”, as he shares tactics on fishing Long Island using a variety of strategies & lures.
With limited access along South Shore beaches during 2013, this is a great opportunity to visit Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle located on Long Island’s North Shore only 20 minutes away from Cold Spring Harbor, Caumsett State Park, Sunken Meadow, Smithtown, Stonybrook & other productive fishing spots.
Visit the shop to say hello and learn more about opportunities our north shore beaches provide for catching fish during the season.
Tightlines, Mark M

“Guppy Lure Test Day”
Wayne & Peter Hess, makers of Guppy Lures, will be driving down from Massachusetts with a large collection of plugs.
The idea is to meet surfcasters from Long Island, let us try out their awesome lures in the water located behind the Cow Harbor Shop & sell them at cool prices.
This will be a special day for surfcasters on Long Island…please join the fun!
Many types of plugs will be available to purchase in a large variety of colors & at our Seminar Special rate of 10% off list price.

Parking Notice:
Because of the outstanding success of our Seminar Series, please use the main parking lot located behind the tackle shop as a courtesy to our retail neighbors during special events.
This courtesy ensures the 15 minute parking spaces located in front of Cow Harbor and shared by other retail shops remain open during the day.

6 comments on “Free access to Surfcaster’s Journal and free seminar by Bill Wetzel

  1. Jim J.

    Sounds like a great time wish I could make it but the wife has other plans hope everyone else enjoys it gie us an update on how it turned out thanks

  2. George M

    Hey, would love to have gone to this, but too short notice because I’ m going to a basic firearms course that day.. Because they , them assholes and Obama are trying to take away your right to carry firearms and We Can’t

    Have It ! Hope most of you agreed Take care

  3. Bill H

    Wow, probably cant get there but maybe. Would love to have more time listening to Bill, the guys at surf day wanted to keep him talking for another 2 hours. Zeno, per your previous post the other day, I have a niece at Penn State, loves it. My daughters both went to NY state schools ( reasonable in comparison to out of state but you still have to have an spare 17 K each sitting around ) and I am still paying for it 4 years later, Good luck, cant believe the nut your facing, been there, no fun at all but hey that’s what we do. No more plugs for You. See ya in the suds.


    The event is sure to be a fun one. Thanks for the good words Z….
    The unique atmosphere & location on the water makes Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle a fun place to gather, share information and try out fishing lures unlike other events located completely inside.

    Add to the fact that we have a Bar & Grill “Whales Tale” on the back deck with 12 types of micro “craft” beer on tap an you have the potential to create a big party!


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