Florida Surf

I got back from FL last night. I did most of my fishing off the boat with Patrick Sebile from Sebile Lures and we even did a day of freshwater  bass fishing yesterday. The only time I did any surf fishing was the fish night there were we hit Sebastian Inlet at night which was fine until I could not deal with crowds and we left. Which will be hopefully the point of my next post, just how different fishing (and etiquette) is in Florida surf or in Northeast. It doesn’t really matter on personal level as my season looks like its going to be done before it started but lets wait till hand surgeon looks at it next week. I am on a weird level ok with it.

Its not my first time experiencing it but I just cannot get used to it or accept it. I also have a shark from pier video that i managed to capture as we got there Thursday afternoon after dropping off a boat to get fixed. Pretty interesting the way they flat balloons out of the inlet with a long bait. Pretty neat

Here is a short video of an angler who managed 3 jacks on three consecutive casts on bait while no one around him had touch for hours (including us, you can see Patrick in blue on rocks)

Then all the hell broke loose with snook about an hour later

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  1. Mike S.

    OK, so what’s with the empty Gatorade bottle …. was that being used as some kind of bobber/float?


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