New video: First Look at Tsunami Shield reel

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families

First i stuffed myself to guys with awesome food my sister in law made, and now its 5 AM and I am trying to get y but to the beach.

Below is a video , First Look at Tsunami Shield 600 reel

Here are the specs..

Retail: $99.99-$109.99

Size Range: 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000

Body Construction: Diacast Aluminum

Rotor Constriction: Stamped Aluminum

Side plate Construction: machined aluminum (screw on)

Drag material: Carbon Fiber (CF3)

Max Drag: 3000-4000: 20lbs 5000-6000: 30lbs

Can be changed from left to right side

Number of seals: 3000-4000 (10)  5000-6000 (13)

Gear Material: Zinc

Pinion Gear: Brass

One comment on “New video: First Look at Tsunami Shield reel

  1. J Audet

    If it’s even 1/2 as good as all their airwave rods (elite or otherwise), it’ll be a steal, and perfect for most guys. Interested to see more testing, and hold it, and see if it might fit into my Van Staal and Penn line-up.


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