First Look at PENN Slammer III Reel

This is going to be a video heavy  week or so as we have a lot of stuff planned for you along with a new issue of SJ Magazine. First on tap is a First Look at PENN Slammer III Reel

Yeah, we call it a ”review” but it would be more fitting if we did it a year from now as a month and a half is a short time to get to know your reel real well. I always thought that every reel should gets its ass kicked during a Norester in Montauk. Not because I am in love with a place but because those conditions are so difficult and demanding on your tackle.

In addition to this review, we also have a part 2 where we burry this reel in the sand and crank it underwater to see how much water leaked into the gear box. Does it really mean anything to do  these type of video/test? Probably not. A good wave on a sandbar with a sound getting pushed inside every crevice of a reel is probably a better test than burying a reel in sand. However, if the reel performs I guess it does gives people a peace of mind if they ever drop it in the sand.

In any event, on the end of the day, although there are thousands of people that watch these videos I make them for people on this blog and magazine subscribers. And when you guys tell me, no more, then I’ll walk away into sunset with my camera.

Enjoy, part 2 coming in few days

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