Few of My Favorite Things- Boga Grip

Of all the “tools” I use and carry over the years, two sticks out like sore thumbs when out comes to longevity and their usefulness. My VS pliers which have been on  my belt for a dozen years and still look to me like new and my 30 Boga Grip. I did tried a a plastic gripper tools, just never took liking to them. There was a time when I really did not care for Boga banging against my thigh as I walked. But once Silver Fox made this simple Boga carrying tool out of a thin PVC pipe, I don’t even feel its there until I need it. Please be advised that you still should use a lanyard to attach the Boga to your belt. this is just a holder, it will not preclude the tool from falling out.


I honestly use Boga few times a year to actually weigh a fish. The primary use of the tool for me is to unhook the fish. I understand each of us have its own methods of doing this. Some guys like to grab a plug, some leader and some try to get a good grip in the mouth. Last few years, unless I am fishing a bucktail I could go a whole year without touching a fish. Does it takes me a little longer to sometimes get a tool in the mouth that it would otherwise be using my hand? Yes, but where am going that I am in such a rush?


You might poh-poh at 30lb scale. Yes there were few nights this year where not only I but also my fishing partner Silver Fox bottomed out our scales multiple times. I think I did it on three consecutive casts on a  Sebile Stick shad during a Noreaster while he did it on a heavy weighted SS needle. Did it bother me that I don’t know the exact size? Not really. What about if its a 50? It could be a 70lb but it will only still be reported as 30 if I submitt it to my club. Not sure when I stopped carrying Manly scale few years ago, but it does not feel weird. I used to fish for points, to compete, for the club, for a lot of things other than my pure enjoyment. These days I just fish for me. The way I want, when I want and Boga is definitely one of my favorite thingsimage

7 comments on “Few of My Favorite Things- Boga Grip

  1. Lenny

    Thanks for the props Z….Hey guys It’s actually central vacuum tubing and you can pick it up at any vacuum cleaner store. It bends real easily with a little heat.

  2. Charles Paniszyn

    Zeno, any chance your friend Silver Fox also carries a 30# Boga Grip?
    If so, you can get a weight for your biggest fish by holding the fish up with both Boga grips and combining the weight from both scales.
    I know you are fishing your own enjoyment, but lets face it, 40 and 50 pound fish are not caught every night, and it might be nice to document it when you do. Even at that stage, I doubt you or Silver Fox would mind looking at a 50# fish if you are fishing close enough together to give a holler.
    (Again, this only works if both Boga grips are have the same weight limit – won’t work with a 15# and 30# grip for example.)
    Love your blog and Surfcaster’s Journal. Hope to see at the Rhode Island show.
    – Charlie

    1. zhromin Post author

      he does but the whole purpose of that would be to enter it into club competition and rules would not allow that and i honestly do not care if its 31 or 46


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