Fall run

Fall run is just around the corner…besides buying more tins, what are you guys buying? I kind of went the “other” way last few years. I only have one VS reel, I fish with two piece rods, I wear cheap Grunden pullover and I toss a lot more plastic than wood. I could use another jacket , another splash top perhaps. I am not into rubber gaskets at the moment. What I really could use is another reel. My VS has been a remarkably problem free reel other than one very, very bad night at Cuttyhunk few years ago. For what we do, including occasional foray in a wetsuit, our choices are limited. VS, ZB and now Penn Torque. Granted, the Penn is brand new to the market, especially the bailess model which is just hitting the stores but the price differential is substantial comparing to the other two. I probably couldn’t swing it now. Who am I kidding, right now after this trip to Europe I cringe when I put gas in my truck.

I’d love to do a trip to Cuttyhunk, even if it was a commando run but again, I think I pushed my boss to the brink with this trip. So much that even Montauk feels like it’s much further away then it is. I must admit that after two year hiatus from Montauk I am starting to feel the itch to get reacquainted. If nothing else then to go with the camera. You got to admit, when it comes to pictures, few places photograph as well as Montauk.

So what are you buying, where are you going? Nights are getting longer and bait is starting to congregate in the back of the inlets…it won’t be long now for us here…in some places the run has already started.

Have a nice weekend while we work feverishly  to put together another issue of your favorite surf fishing magazine

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22 comments on “Fall run

  1. TRisser

    I purchase less and less equipment and tackle every year as the reliable equipment I’v picked up along the way proves to be paying off. It is painful to pay the ticket on a VS but they are proven to do the job! I have been trying to use all the plugs in my stock pile and at my current rate will take a long time. Maybe I should invest more but I have found that it is more critical to figure out where the fish are than to have the perfict plug. If the fish are around they usually bite an assortment of plugs.

    If you can’t do a big trip to Cutty plan a weeken at Montauk with close friends. I have a theory that it is the planning, challenge of set weather, and anticipation of fellowship fishing trips provide. Catching fish is just the I icing on the cake.

  2. Chris A

    I just picked up a Mak pouch after just one year on my last pouch ture to peices. I will not mention the company but lets hope this one will last a little longer. I try to purchase what I feel I need in the winter time. Stops those trips to bait shop during the year so i can spend more time on the beach…..Na I still go every week haha

  3. Adam

    Last Fri morning I sat on the chairs out front, with Jack & Melnyk while Paulie fixed my 200 & contemplated Irene’s fury. Now i’m spending as much time as possible with my family at home . Soon the blitzes will begin & like Jack said I’ll be all alone out on a distant rock, getting bass no one will ever see, & catching shit from my wife about all the stuff that needs to be done @ home.

  4. CTMatt

    I looked at my purchases and realized I should purchase less stuff. Especially when i don’t know how fishing is going to be after Irene and if the landscape of my spots is now severely screwed. I keep what works and i am willing to occasionally try something new outside the box but lately I feel if there aren’t fish/bait and I am not losing anything because of it why buy anything.



  6. Pete F

    Just wait, you think a trip to Europe is bad. Try 5 kids, 2 in college and it’s a 3 hr trip to NH. Well after Irene it’s more like a 5 hr trip from western Vt to NH.
    I already have enough stuff for 3 guys and every year I use less and less.
    I kinda like my trained eels though it’s just about time to find some more nice big ones.
    I’ve got one that’s caught enough fish that I should retire it but my wife will not let me hang it on the wall.

  7. woodwker99

    I’ll let you know what I think I need after the Hilton show. but I just finished Penn/Stalling my 704 so a new reel is just a slight glimmer of a dream. The Penn bailess is creeping into my sub conscience.
    I like everyone else have made so many trips to look and hang out at the local B&T that my wife knows the number to reach me there.
    Like I said before after the Hilton I’ll know what I HAVE TO HAVE.
    I’m twitching waiting for your next issue….. Hurry!!!!!!

  8. Sean Kearney

    Still in the midst of upgrading my equipment from last year, which was my first year surf fishing. Ive already spent a rediculous percentage of my income so far this year on a new rod, reel, waders, plug bag, plugs, pliers, tackle, etc. The big ticket items that I still want to get for the fall run hopefully sooner than later are a 60 lb. boga, dry top, korkers, and a heavy jacket. If I could somehow get some time off of work I hope to not only pound my local south shore beaches everyday, but make a couple trips out to the “M”, and get involved in some of the surf fishing tournaments taking place this fall.

  9. rob

    we obsess far too much over tackle and fishing venues, and most of that hasta do with peer pressure that feeds from “fishing gurus” who preach almost near nonsense. no, as a fishing sportsman you don’t need a once piece $400 cts rod and an $800 van staal to have fun (that’s number one) or catch fish (yes, that’s actually number two). nor do you need to be in montauk, for that matter.

  10. Larry F

    After taking inventory of how much tackle I’ve bought in the last few years…. I hardly bought anything this summer other then some bucktails and Gulp for Fluking… just don’t need anything other then to go out and fish… economy hit my business hard this past year, so spending on more things I really don’t need has been cut out.

  11. GLENN .H

    I just picked up 4 white blue frog buktails & 4 chartreuse In 1 to 1 1/2 ounces.I am getting stoked for the fall run!!Hopefully Irene didn’t screw things up to much.Thanks S/J.

  12. rob

    “How can you buy time? I have more tackle than I need, I just need time to use it.

    Mark C.”

    that comment trumps ’em all.

    i’m with ya, mark – time is typically the enemy.

  13. striperguy

    Hey Z last night I got a 35#’er at one your local spots, and a few fish that were smaller, woo on Bucktails and sluggos. And there mullet too at the spot, when I see ya I’ll tell ya more! Be well!

  14. Rob k

    some more heavy ss needles, eel rigging supply’s/and learn/perfect doing it! a few more tins for nov. 🙂 would like a 60 boga. a new pair of stocking/waders. and time to fish!!

  15. M

    The only thing i am buying this season is new line 50lb braid to load up my main reel and backup reel ( both penns 704z bailess )

    Batteries for my flashights and camera

  16. mark m

    I own a tackle shop & I love to visit others to say hello and buy plugs or other items I find hard to get. I cut out the deli & takeout to purchase the things that help me love life….fishing items.

    I love the “M” too…dropping by a friends home to chill out and drink & eat something, as well as getting the latest news around town.

    There are plenty of other spots on the northeast coast to catch fish, but there is no place like Montauk….even if you are going to just enjoy the day and leave the waders in your truck. Once you’ve been there, you know what I’m saying brother!

  17. Dave W.

    Haven’t bought too much stuff myself.
    Finished making a 9 foot SuperSurf last week.
    Just had 2 VS’s serviced with some new parts, money well spent.

  18. Irish

    No more stuff, too much all ready. Did pick up ultimate surfcasting belt over summer, no scrimping on safety. And want to mug em on my local beach, can’t do crowds , can’t do montauk, almost hoping the South shore bite doesn’t turn into the great green tubeathon 3. I like it better when its a struggle. Want to enjoy the sport.


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